Home remedies for urine infection in dogs

If your dog urinates too much, he can have problems

Urinary tract infections in dogs are one of the most common conditions that our friends can suffer as a result of the bacteria that end up introducing into the bladder, infecting it.

Although it is more common in females than males, We must be attentive to any symptoms that may occur to take the necessary measures. One of those measures is to give them home remedies for urine infection in dogs.

How do I know if my dog ​​has a urine infection?

Whiskers are essential for orientation

If you are very aware of your pet, you will know the amount of urine that it produces each time it does its business, especially the estimated time at which it does it. To determine if your dog is having a urine infection, you will need to consider the following:

Urination or urine action is more frequent

Most likely, you will begin to notice that he tries to pee but in the end he can't do anything. It is something similar to when you go to urinate but it takes a long time to achieve it and in the end you do not get to pour anything. The same happens with your dog, if you notice this, it is the first sign of a urinary infection.

Low amount of pee compared to other times

This is closely linked to the previous symptom, because the dog has difficulty urinating, the most certain is that the amount of urine is very poor. This is another of the symptoms that your dog may present.

Will be more active due to discomfort and pain

By this we mean that will constantly be moving, walking from one place to another and above all, going to the place where they usually relieve themselves. This is due to the discomfort you feel when you cannot urinate or the pain you feel while doing so.

Blood in the urine

At this point the infection is much more advanced and it becomes more evident due to the presence of blood in the urine. The amount can vary depending on the strength of the infection, since while some dogs expel more blood, others not so much, to the point of turning the urine with a light reddish tone.

Bad smell in urine

This is the most characteristic system of all, since dogs have a urinary infection, the smell that your urine gives off is very strong and unpleasant. You will most likely notice that he has a problem when you notice the smell of his urine.

Causes of urine infection in older dogs

Urine infections in dogs is more common than you think, and in females it is much more common if they are adults. These infections they are due to bacteria that manage to enter the urinary tract from the outside, reaching the bladder, and can even reach the kidneys.

Among the aspects that can favor your dog to contract an infection, it may be due to a poor diet, lack of hygiene in the place where he urinates, development of stones and / or tumors, among others. But as such, the causes of UTI in dogs is due to:

  • Bacteria such as Escherichia Coli, which is housed in the prostate of the dog (if it is male), and even manages to live in the anal area and around the genitals.
  • If the dog does not urinate with the necessary frequency, it will end up acquiring this bacterium mentioned, since the urine carries all infection agents once it manages to enter through the urethra.
  • In the case of female dogs, since they do not have a larger urethra than males, they tend to urinate less, which implies a greater chance of contracting an infection. Foods that alkalize the urine increases the likelihood that your dog will have an infection.

So food is the most important thing when it comes to avoiding complications of this type.

Can puppies have urine infections?

It is very difficult for puppies to present infections of this type, since theoretically they are being given injections and vaccines to protect them, so it is very rare for this to happen.

In case something like this happens, the healthiest and most sensible thing before applying any home remedy is that you take it as quickly as possible to the vet, since this is an unusual situation and if it is not treated in time it can create serious complications in the animal's life.

On the other hand, you can determine if your puppy has a urine infection if you notice that your routine and activity change dramaticallyThey begin to urinate all over the place or you notice them as if they are tired or low on energy.

It may be due to an infection or some other problem. But the most important thing is that you notice the color of his urine. If you notice that it is very yellow (more than normal), it could be a sign of infection.

We must highlight a vital point that you cannot overlook: self-medication for your puppy. You should never give antibiotics before consulting with a vet. You can aggravate his situation and in the worst case, kill him.

What to do if my dog ​​has a urinary infection?

If you suspect that your furry has a urine infection, The first thing we are going to recommend is that you take him to the vet for you to examine, since in case you have calculations these will require veterinary attention so that the animal can expel them.

Assuming that you have a dog that is already old and not a puppy, if you start to notice some of the symptoms that we mentioned in the first sections, you can prevent the infection from getting worse and slow it down until you can buy the necessary medications.

Thus, what we are about to recommend has a double function: to prevent relapses and to help recovery from the infection, and among them are:

Home remedies for urine infection

If the dog drinks water and vomits you should be concerned

Improve your dog's hydration

If we review how urine infections act in dogs, it will be understood that everything lies in the times when your dog urinates. Since this is a basic system that prevents bacteria from lodging in the urethra and passing to the bladder or kidneys.

If your dog drinks enough water, he will be able to urinate as many times as necessary to be healthy. Likewise, it is advisable to give better hydration to bitches since they do not usually urinate often enough. A practical way to keep your pets hydrated is to give them homemade broths, but do not contain salt or foods that promote weight gain.

Feed your dogs blueberries

Among the fruits or foods that benefit the urinary system of dogs is the blueberry. Of course its consumption is to prevent infection instead of acting, already when your pet is sick.

Foods and liquids rich in vitamin C

The main thing you should do when your dog shows symptoms of a urine infection is to try to increase the acidity in his urine. Since there is difficulty urinating, orange juices, the intake of foods rich in vitamin C will help the animal to expel liquids more easily.

As you can imagine, oranges, tangerines, blueberries, kiwi and any other source rich in vitamin C will be beneficial for your dog. This is because the urine itself will have more acidic properties, which will create a much more unpleasant environment for the bacteria lodged in the urethra and the entire urinary system of the dog.

Use apple cider vinegar as a "natural" cleanser

Not only does apple cider vinegar have beneficial properties for people when they have a urinary problem, but it also favors dogs alike. Therefore, this simple home remedy can greatly help the urine ducts to not have as many obstructions and thus avoid the accumulation of bacteria.

Add lemon drops to the water

As with orange, tangerine and other foods rich in vitamin C, lemon is a powerful home remedy for urine infection in dogs. Due to acidity, or in other words, its ability to increase pH levels in the blood, will make your animal feel less pain and burning when urinating.

Keep in mind that home remedies by themselves do not cure the urine infection, they only improve the healing process and make them more bearable in the face of such a problem. What we mean is that you have to go to a vet and comply with the treatment that it recommends.

But in the meantime, you can apply some of the home remedies. Dogs themselves have a much more powerful natural healing process than humans, so there is a chance it will heal on its own if it is well fed and hydrated.

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