We always look for the best for our pets. Both in terms of comforts and food and health care. Therefore, we cannot forget an alternative such as Cronicare, because in addition to containing numerous benefits, one of the most important is that it is a product that is 100% natural and with that we already have good news.

If it is natural, we already know that we can offer it to our animals in a safe way. But perhaps there are many other questions you want to ask yourself about Cronicare and of course, we will be happy to provide them. Find out what it is and when we should give it to our beloved pets.

What is Cronicare

It is a product that has totally natural compounds. So, we forget about superfluous additions because it will not carry any of that. In addition, it must be said that it is an oral solution that comes in small formats and in liquid, to be able to administer it thanks to a dispenser.

If you prefer, you also have a tablet option. So we can always adjust the amount depending on our pet. But if you are wondering what its ingredients are, which is another question that we love to know, we will tell you that It has a composition of cannabis extract and also fish oil that offers the necessary Omega 3, in addition to the fatty acids EPA and DHA that improve cardiovascular health. Yes, we have mentioned the cannabis extract that is completely legal to administer.

Cronicare Supplement

What is Cronicare for

Now that we know how it is presented and what ingredients it has, it is logical that you want to know what it is for. This supplement is a good nutritional product for our pets. Especially when they have chronic pain or anxiety or certain diseases such as arthritis and even sleep disorders or epilepsy. All of them and more, you can control them quite effectively, because Cronicare is considered an anti-inflammatory as well as an antioxidant. Without forgetting that it will also provide them with numerous nutrients and proteins or minerals. So, if your pet has some of the problems or diseases mentioned, you already know that you have this natural product very close to help them.

Which Dogs Should Take Cronicare

It is true that we should always consult with your trusted veterinarian. But if you notice that your pet is more stressed than normal or has been diagnosed with some kind of ailment due to ageIt's time to take the plunge and try Cronicare.

It is indicated for all those adult dogs that already have certain complications for it. Although it is not ruled out that at other ages this product can also be administered in order to resolve some behavioral disorders. When there are certain inflammations in the body or even sleep disturbances, Cronicare will be perfect to relax you and begin to feel much better.

How to take Cronicare

We are going to break down the different types of Cronicare presentations, so you can know how to manage it the right way:

30 ml container of Cronicare

This container has a dropper dispenser. Therefore, the minimum quantity will be only one drop per kilo of weight and once a day. It is the best way to start treatment. You can increase the dose to the medium amount and in this case it would also be one drop per kilo but twice a day. Finally, in more complicated cases you can give it two drops per kilo and twice a day.

Supplement for senior dogs

100 ml container of Cronicare

In this case, the 100 ml container has a 1 ml syringe for administration. We start with the minimum recommended amount that is 0,3 ml for every 10 kilos of weight and once a day. The average amount when problems persist is the same as above but now twice a day. While the maximum dose that you can give your dog is 0,6 ml for every 10 kilos of weight and twice a day.

Cronicare tablets

Although it is usually much easier to give them liquid doses, the truth is that you also have a presentation in the form of tablets. So much for dogs and cats under 5 kilos, you can give them just 1/4 tablet. Dogs that already weigh between 5 and 10 kilos will take half a tablet a day, while those weighing 11 to 20 kilos, 1 tablet. If your dog weighs more than 21 kilos or close to 30, then 1,5 tablets a day will be his dose. Finally, those who weigh more than 30 kilos can then take two tablets each day.

Try not to make sure the doses are too close and therefore, it is best to bet on giving the first one at breakfast and the second, when necessary, at dinner.

Cronicare contraindications

Natural dog products

Although it is 100% natural, it is true that we should not exceed the doses. Hence, it is always better to follow the instructions and when in doubt, ask our trusted veterinarian again.

Even though it contains the cannabis extract, It must be clarified that it has a really low percentage of THC. What makes the organism of our pets unable to recognize it. So we must be very calm because they will not have the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Therefore, being a supplement full of proteins and vitamins as well as minerals, it is not recognized as contraindications. Although we must introduce it in low doses to see if our pet has any reaction.

Does Cronicare work?

Whenever we try a new product, doubts come to us. We look for information on the net, opinions that can serve as a guide and that's why I did it that way too. But my dog, with an advanced age, had quite intense pain that showed when walking and in the form of a limp. His gaze and his weariness also prompted me to try Cronicare. With a little caution and always following the doses to be administered we jump into the void and yes, I have to say that it really works.

Older furry people are often afflicted with various ailments. Some are easier to control, but when the pain settles in their lives, it stops being the same. For this reason, our soul breaks when we see that their quality of life is not the same as before. Well, I have to assure you that since he began his treatment with Cronicare the turn he has taken is quite considerable. Now you feel more like walking and the limp has left her behind. Therefore, the pain also with her. I can say that his quality of life has been reborn and, although he is his age, now he takes advantage of each day much better and has better spirits.

Where to buy Cronicare for dogs cheaper

If you want to buy Cronicare cheaper, you already know that you can turn to Amazon. It is the web par excellence where all kinds of products will be on it. There, you will enjoy various formats, various prices but always the best remedies for your pets. It is true that you can go to the best-known pet stores, such as a pet store where you will also find very competitive prices. Now you have no excuses for not giving your pet only the best!

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