What do I think I should give my dog ​​according to the size of his breed?

I think dog

One of the mistakes that dog owners often make is thinking that no matter what type of dog you have, any feed will do. When in reality this is not so.

We could say that depending on the size of your dog breed you will have to give one feed or another. Haven't you thought about it before? If you are one of those who buy food for your dog, either online on sites like Barakaldo Vet Shop, or physically in veterinarians, supermarkets or department stores, discover now the best for your pet according to its size.

Feed for large, medium and small dog breeds

As you know, Dogs can be classified by breed into large, medium, and small. And each of them has different characteristics and needs. Therefore, their diet cannot be the same (despite the fact that many feeds are sold like this in the market).

Large dog breeds

large breed dog

An example of a large breed may be the Great Dane. He is a dog that grows a lot and obviously his needs are not going to be the same as those of a Chihuahua, to give you an example.

En general, large breed dogs grow more slowly than small dogs and, almost always, the food that is given to them as puppies is usually one that is low in fat to prevent possible overweight (which would carry diseases). It is not good for food to contain a lot of calcium either, because that accelerates their growth and may suffer bone deficits or problems.

The best feed for these breeds is one that be easy to digest (because they can suffer from digestive problems or the dreaded twisted stomach). Furthermore, it must be low in phosphorus but rich in vitamins C and E. If it is also a dog that moves much better that it has a good caloric content.

Medium dog breeds

corgi on train tracks

Medium breed dogs weigh around 11 to 30 kilos. Their needs are halfway between those of small dogs and large dogs, so the best I think is the one that provide protein, fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6), carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Avoid as far as possible meat by-products, preservatives, dyes and animal fat or processed fat.

small dog breeds

I think small dog

Now let's talk about small dogs, like the Chihuahua that we mentioned before. These tend to be a bit more foodies and also get carried away a lot by the taste of food (hence, they are very spicy).

They are dogs whose metabolism is very fast which implies that they burn calories quickly and that is why the feed they need must be one with a high caloric component as well as nutritious.

There's still more. Due to its smaller size, its mouth is small, just like its stomach, which is why the feed that must be given to it must be smaller than that of a medium or large dog.

Regarding the needs and what the feed should contain, we recommend that you carry: animal protein (if it is of high quality better), healthy fats and Omega 3 and 6 acids, carbohydrates (if it can be slow absorption), vitamins, chelated minerals and probiotics, fiber and chondroprotectors.

This way you will be covered.

Is it clearer to you now which diet is the best for your dog?

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