Dog balls, the best for your best friend

Playing with balls is one of the favorite activities of dogs

Balls for dogs are an inseparable element of these animals: how many times have we not seen them in the movies (and in the park) catching some? And it seems that dog Happiness is sometimes limited to simply chasing those bouncing objects with all its might and bringing them back to you with a happy furry smile.

In this article we not only talk about the best balls for dogs that we can find, but also we will talk about the dangers of playing this game too much and how we can have a perfect ball playing session. Combine it with this other article about how to teach my dog ​​to fetch the ball to have even more fun!

best balls for dogs

Pack of two Chuckit balls!

Chuckit brand balls! are the most popular on Amazon, and with good reason: they have a lot of different models, sizes (ranging from size S to XXL), as well as a very pleasant rubber touch for the dog and a bright color to make it easy for both owner and pet to locate. In addition, he throws away a lot and in each package there are two toys. However, it is worth mentioning that some comments claim that they break easily, so it is important to be especially careful so that nothing happens to the dog.

Unbreakable balls for your dog

The other great manufacturer of balls for dogs is the American brand Kong, which has among its products this interesting ball made of rubber that stands out for bouncing a lot and that is also practically indestructible, since it is designed for large dogs with powerful jaws. In fact, many of the comments highlight that they are perfect for destructive dogs of more than 25 kilos, these toys are so strong that they can withstand the most fearsome jaws!

ball thrower

If you get tired of throwing the ball over and over again or you just want your dog to run more, you can consider getting a practical ball launcher like this one. The operation is very simple, since you only have to put the ball at the appropriate end for it (you have two sizes to choose from, M and L) and throw it with force. Keep in mind, however, that according to the comments when using it, the balls are damaged a little faster.

Big balls for doggies

If you are looking for something different, This ball of more than respectable size (neither more nor less than 20 cm) can be ideal to have a good time with your dog. It is made of a very hard plastic, so it will withstand the attacks of your dog, but be careful, because the material can wear down its teeth in the long run. However, it is ideal for playing soccer with your dog in the gardens or other large spaces.

Small balls to throw

In this interesting pack, neither more nor less than 12 balls of a very, very small size are provided, since They are only 4 cm in diameter, making them ideal for smaller breed dogs.. Take this factor into account when buying them, because if the size is not correct, your pet can choke. The balls mimic tennis balls, but they also squeak, which can be very stimulating for your pooch.

Balls with squeaky sound

These balls for dogs they are very cool since they imitate soccer balls, but with various colors. In addition, they are made of latex and have a diameter of 7 cm. They are not stuffed, they are easy to clean and they throw little. Finally, they are ideal for playing, since, when chewed, they make a very characteristic and stimulating squeak for dogs. Of course, do not activate the sound from behind your pet or you can scare it!

Ball with light to hunt in the dark

If you are one of those who thoroughly enjoy evening walks, this ball with light is ideal for you and your pet. In addition to being non-toxic, the ball is available in various sizes, there are even packs that include two of these toys. Each charge lasts about 30 minutes, plenty for a fun gaming session.

Is it good for dogs to play fetch?

Choosing the size of the ball is important to prevent choking

Although it seems that any physical activity can be excellent for dogs, the truth is that everything in this life has to be applied with head and measure. Thus, if your dog plays the ball too much (and by playing the ball we mean the typical game of throwing it for us to bring it to us) it has some dangers and drawbacks:

  • Too much play increases the danger of wear in joints and injuries.
  • The dog's adrenaline will not level off until about two hours later, and with very intense and long sessions it can be even worse, since it will be very difficult for you to relax.
  • Some dogs even they get "hooked" on this game and it can be difficult to include other alternatives.
  • Besides, playing ball is a game that they find it very intense mentally and that it can even lead to stress, since the same pattern is not copied as in nature (hunt, eat, rest) because several launches are made, the sessions can last quite a while...
  • Depending on the ball, the game can be dangerous, for example, baseball balls are filled with an elongated substance that can cause obstructions in the intestinesomething extremely dangerous.

How can we avoid these risks?

Playing catch is great fun, but don't overdo it

It is not necessary to completely eliminate the game of throwing the ball just to avoid these risks. Unlike, so that our dog remains just as healthy and happy we can follow these tips:

  • Provide a good warm-up and relaxation before and after the gaming session.
  • Combine the game of throwing the ball with other games equally fun and that, in addition, can be even more beneficial to improve your relationship with your pet, for example, to stretch the rope, to look for prizes with the smell...
  • Make the ball game session don't last more than a while.
  • Nor should we play this game with them every day, since it is very intense and can end up stressing the dog in the long term.
  • Choose a suitable ball for your pet, especially those made exclusively for pets, and avoiding those that are too small to prevent choking, or those made with hazardous materials.

Establish the perfect gaming session

A dog chasing a ball

To create the perfect gaming session, in addition to taking all of the above elements into account, It is very positive that you follow the following steps:

  • Before you start playing make sure you can take the toys away that you will use easily to end the session whenever you want.
  • As we said, warming up is essential to avoid injuries. Opt to start with the softer games.
  • Don't play too rough (for example, to fights) to prevent your dog's adrenaline from going too high or losing control of the game.
  • To prevent your dog from jumping, it is recommended that toys are always more under your chest.
  • It is better to have several intense sessions a day (for example, at home or when going out for a walk) than a single very intense. It is recommended that each session last about five minutes.
  • The game session must end when the dog still wants to continue playing.
  • Finally, never force your dog to play if you don't want or don't feel like it.

where to buy dog ​​balls

A dog chewing on a rugby ball

There are many, many places that we can get balls for dogs, even balls aimed at humans that we may be tempted to use with our pooch. However, as we have said before, since they are not designed for animals, they can be made with elements that are dangerous for them. Therefore, we limit ourselves to the following places:

  • En Amazon It is where you will find the largest selection of balls for your dog. There are even them in packages with other toys, something ideal to use in play sessions and not limit yourself to just the balls. In addition, their shipment is usually very fast.
  • Hen specialized stores for animals, such as Kiwoko or TiendaAnimal, are the most recommended to look for such a product, especially in its physical version. There you can check the hardness of the material, the touch, and compare it with other products to choose the one that suits you best.
  • Finally, in the department store, although there is not so much variety, it is also possible to find balls. However, as we said, make sure that they are specially designed for pets to avoid scares.

Balls for dogs are an essential element for one of their favorite games, although like everything, you have to play in moderation to avoid risks. Tell us, what do you think about the balls? How are the play sessions with your dog? Do you want to share with us any tips that you consider important and that we have forgotten to mention?

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