Caucasian Shepherd Dog

large breed brown dog called causal shepherd

All dog breeds have their uniqueness. The physical and psychological characteristics are related to both their genetic evolution and the function for which they have been used. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is native, as its name implies, from the Caucasus region.

Due to environmental conditions has developed a coat capable of protecting it from low temperatures and the most common injuries you may suffer from your herding trade. Its physical complexion is very strong and it is among the largest dogs that exist.


oversized dog lying on the floor

Although there are a wide variety of breeds of Caucasian dogs with similar characteristics, currently only one breed is recognized by the name of the Caucasian Shepherd.

The Russian Kennel Club prefers to use the Russian translation for sheepdog Ovcharka, name with which the breed has also become popular in the western region. The Caucasian Shepherd is part of the renowned trio of Russian shepherds known as the South Russian Shepherd and the Central Asian Shepherd.

The origin of this peculiar dog is still somewhat uncertain and it is rather a rumor that the origin of the breed is considered in the Tibetan Mastiff dog. What is undeniable is that it has been used for a long time as herd keeper and sheepdog thanks to its incredible appearance, strength and resistance to low temperatures.

The first official appearance of the breed in a western dog show dates back to the 30s in Germany. The truth is it is a striking ancient breed of unique characteristics. Definitely its origin is from a territory with difficult living conditions, an aspect that allowed the particular genetic development of the breed.


The bites of this dog are among the most powerful in the canine world. This great tool is very useful to your incredibly protective character and determined temperament.

It is definitely not a pet for all spaces and any type of owner. People who decide to breed this breed of dog must be very well informed about their characteristics, care and needs. If you educate yourself correctly you will have a faithful and protective company.

Regarding the physical appearance of Caucasian Shepherd dogs if they are raised correctly they are healthy and long-lived. Regarding their physical complexion, they have strong bones and muscular bodies.

The nose and nose are compact, its ears are triangular and hang down at the sides and it is currently prohibited to cut off its ears. The head of these pets is large.

As they are considered giant dogs, it must be assumed that the size of these dogs is quite considerable. Regarding height, the average is 70 centimeters. However, there is a difference between the male and the female.

The minimum height for males is 65 centimeters and 62 for the female As for the maximum height, there is no stipulated limit. The male is larger and can measure up to 75 centimeters and the females 70.

Due to their incredible strength and musculature, Caucasian dogs are quite heavy. Females hardly exceed fifty kilos but males can weigh 70 kilos and can even reach 90. Regarding weight, the sexual dimorphism of the breed is evident.

With regard to the coat there are three varieties, long, short and medium hair. For all three types the hair is dense and smooth. They have the particularity of having a lighter colored woolly undercoat that protects them in cold climates.

The breed has different colored fur but only gray and white spots with long fur are allowed in competitions. There are also specimens of black color and spots of fire and chestnut tones.


The knowledge of this aspect by the owners is fundamental and due to the function that this dog has fulfilled for centuries defending and guiding livestock, it has innate qualities of a leader. For that reason, its owner has to position himself as the leader of the pack becoming the alpha and for that you must have knowledge.

For an inexperienced owner, raising the pet will be a difficult matter, since the owner must respect and obey by showing control over the animal. If this occurs effectively an unbreakable bond will be created between owner and pet.

Although this occurs effectively, it should be known that the Caucasian Shepherd is an animal with strong instincts and if he or his family is considered at risk, he will act as he deems necessary to defend his territory.

For this reason, it is very important that those people who are not related to the animal keep their distance and do not forget that they are facing a powerful bite. The relationship of pets with children is quite harmless considering their nature they simply do not consider them dangerous and neither do their owners.

It is very important that these animals are not raised with violence, you do not need to encourage a wild character at all. They can be obedient, but their incredible protective instincts must be respected. Among herding duties, a single Caucasian shepherd can handle two wolves that attack the flock.

Despite his weight and muscles, they are surprisingly fast and agile and their fur not only protects them from the weather but also from bites, since being thick makes it difficult for the opponent's teeth to reach the skin.

It cannot be denied that the Caucasian dog has a reputation for being violent but much of this reputation has been earned by ignorant treatment of this breed, being a great protector of his family. It does what is entrusted to it and fulfills its mission effectively.

An important aspect is that they need space to spend energyThey are calm and independent and abrupt when it comes to socializing with other races. That is to say, it is not an urban dog since in city spaces it can develop little positive aspects of its character.


oversized caucasian shepherd

Although this animal is quite healthy and does not have hereditary diseases if is susceptible to diseases of large breeds.

It is important to follow the vet's instructions regarding the diet they should follow and the prevention of diseases such hip, elbow and cardiac dysplasia. The latter is greatly influenced by the animal diet, so overweight and obesity should be avoided.

Among routine care, vaccines should not be neglected and also it is important to brush it with the appropriate instrument twice a week. Due to its interaction with nature, preventive and timely care must be taken against any type of parasites.

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  1.   Mike said

    I'm not going to roll. My dog ​​had a minor accident and his hip was touched. We did different cures and he improved and at the same time he was bad again and now he has been very well for a few months since I gave him mascosana cissus.
    This is incredible, even the vet has been amazed.

    1.    Lourdes Sarmiento said

      We are very happy, but we must remember that the vet is always the only one who can decide what to give or not to an animal.

    2.    Lourdes Sarmiento said

      We are very happy, but we must remember that it has to be the vet who always tells us that he should or should not take our pet.