Chondroprotectors for dogs

Chondroprotector for dogs

We are always very aware of the health of our animals. Hence, today we have to talk about the chondroprotectors for dogs, because although we are not always very given to medicines, nothing like taking into account the most natural supplements so that they can help you feel better.

As we well know, there are some diseases that cannot be prevented, although we would like to, but that can become quite common. So, It is time to try to lessen the effects of them and that is where the chondroprotectors for dogs that concern us today come into play. Do you want to know everything about them?

What is a chondroprotector

We can say of them that they are a natural supplement or dietary supplement that aims to improve hydration while nourishing cartilage. So that the joints will be rewarded, stronger and protected, since as we said before, it can be one of the most common diseases in most dogs.

That said, it must also be remembered that it can reduce or control diseases such as osteoarthritis. Something that can lead to lameness, loss of mobility or stiffness and that must be treated or prevented as quickly as possible, hence natural supplements are also essential in cases like these.

Is it good for my dog ​​to take chondroprotectants if he does not have any joint disease?

For which diseases does the chondroprotector help

The truth is that yes. Because on the one hand we have already commented that they are natural supplements, hence they will not have repercussions on the health of our pets, but quite the opposite because they will help them stay healthier. It's more, if you do not have any recognized joint disease, it is always better to prevent.

If your dog is a large breed, they tend to have more joint problems, the same as if they are overweight or if they have had some type of injury in the past. Cases like these can have serious problems in the future and therefore, prevention is always better. Hence, chondroprotectors for dogs are not a treatment but a supplement.

In which diseases a chondroprotector helps for dogs

Side effects of chondroprotector

  • Hip dysplasia: When dogs grow up they can have a problem like this and that can cause instability, in addition to pain.
  • Knee problems: Some of the most common are kneecap luxation or ligament injuries.
  • After surgery: It is also necessary for a faster recovery, combined with rehabilitation techniques, which the vet will propose.
  • Osteoarthritis: When the joints wear out, the pain is quite intense and chronic, so chondroprotector for dogs can alleviate these symptoms.
  • Arthritis: Also associated with joint inflammation and for which supplements will also be of vital importance.
  • Osteoarthritis: We have mentioned it previously and it is the most common joint disease. With this supplement inflammation is fought.

Best brands of chondroprotectors for dogs


Although we may find other brands better known to all, it is true that Cosequin is also making a place among the most demanded chondroprotectors for dogs. It seems to have a good purpose overall but especially with those dogs that are overweight or who already have a certain age. In addition to preventing cartilage wear and other joint problems.


It is one of the most used because it is true that it is also one of the most recognized by all. In this case it has always been used to treat injuries. In some cases just injuries that are of a specific type but in many others that become chronic. They usually have very good opinions when it comes to results. In addition to containing vitamin E.


We have already seen that it is quite common for our dogs to develop some bone disease and if your trusted doctor tells you that osteoarthritis can enter your life at any time, you need a supplement like this. Because its composition is the most varied and this helps you prevent or improve the effects of the disease.


We could not leave this other chondroprotector for dogs in the pipeline. Because in this case it is not only the opinions that give positive points but also there are studies that show its effectiveness. In addition to that we also highlight its flavor, which is much more pleasant for your pets.

Do chondroprotectors for dogs have side effects?

Broadly speaking, we can say no. Chondroprotectors for dogs do not usually have side effects. But yes, you always have to be a little cautious in some specific cases. By having glucosamine among its ingredients, it can increase the risk of glaucoma. If your dog suffers from diabetes it is necessary that you consult with your veterinarian. It is also necessary to consult it if you are allergic to any food, because this could interact with any of the components of the supplement in question. In some cases, but very specific, diarrhea or vomiting have been described but they are not persistent.

How to give chondroprotectors to my dog

The truth is that when it comes in pill format, it can be a little more comfortable, in some cases. Because not all dogs are friends to take medicine. Some of these supplements already taste nice for you to enjoy. But it is true that heor better is to mix it between the food.

Each specific brand will bring its steps to be able to give the chondroprotector to your pet. But in general we can tell you that the amount of it will depend on the weight of your pet. For this reason, dogs weighing between 5 and 10 kilos can take as little as half a tablet each day. If you gain 10 kilos then yes we can go on to give them a tablet every day. But as we say, to be sure, nothing like reading the leaflet well or consulting the vet.

Supplements for dogs

Do chondroprotectors work for dogs?

Keep in mind that it is not a treatment in itself, but rather a supplement that can protect and take care of future problems in our pets. So, with confidence in it, when I started giving my dog ​​chondroprotectants due to being overweight and having joint problems I saw that it really worked. It is true that it is not something miraculous from one day to the next, but you do see results. In the case of overweight, other guidelines must also be followed to improve this condition, but the chondroprotector helps to improve their capacity or those physical limitations that they acquire due to the passage of time or health problems. In my pet there was a change, leaving behind certain mobility problems and having a better mood.

Where to buy the cheapest chondroprotectors for dogs

  • Amazon: Although it is the shopping giant par excellence, it should also be mentioned that we can find different brands, the best known and those with the best ratings. This makes your choice always the right one and also, with the most competitive prices on the market. Since these types of supplements are not known for being really cheap.
  • kiwiko: It is one of the pet stores par excellence and as such, they also have chondroprotectors for dogs. They have several brands and of course, with various prices in each of them, so you can choose based on your needs. One of the best ways we have to be able to protect our furry ones.
  • kimipharma: Also the supplements for animals arrive at Kimipharma and in addition, you will be able to enjoy very affordable prices, which will allow you to give the best to your pets without having to pay more for it. With its headquarters in Portugal, it is another of the most acclaimed stores in recent years, thanks to improving the quality of life.
  • Tentenimal: In Tíanimal you will find supplements from really low prices to what we had in mind. Different brands with pill format so that you can offer it in a more comfortable way to your pets. In addition, with the total security and confidence of a store like this.

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