Dark Urine in Dogs

Old dogs spend a lot of time resting

As we all know, dogs are excellent pets and friends, who not only accompany us in moments of play and fun, but also in those circumstances in which we feel sad, bored or crestfallen. Because our animals are always willing to accompany us and take care of us, it is our responsibility as pet owners to take care of their health and also protect them from diseases or infections in their body.

That's why We will get you out of all your doubts that have to do with your dog's dark urine, since through this you can detect different diseases and that helps to determine and find a solution for the disease.

What are the diseases that have to do with dark urine in dogs?

Primperan is a drug that is sometimes prescribed by veterinarians

If the urine is dark it may be a sign of kidney stones or bladder stones that are formed when urine and its minerals are concentrated and cannot crystallize and harden like stones.

Through urine we can detect cystitis and the examination is through a culture, also through urine we can detect some hemorrhage in the urinary system, sometimes urine shows us prostate problems in males or vaginal bleeding in females .

It can also be diagnosed hemolytic anemia when the urine is dark orange, since this disease immediately destroys the red blood cells, generating hemoglobin and bile, this can be detected by a blood test, whether this disease can be transmitted by ticks and can be fatal.

For what it is about urine, we must pay more attention and if we see something abnormal, consult directly with the veterinarian. We can also detect some liver problem, if our dog drinks excessively and eliminates more urine.

If we add vomiting to this and the urine emits a very strong smell, we are making way for the disease of liver failure. We as dog owners must be very aware of the behavior and urine of our pets, but remember that not only urine can give us signs of disease

Some diseases described above cannot be prevented so easily, but if we do not take care of our pet by making him eat a balanced diet, we take him for a walk, we play with him and he drinks enough water, I think there would not be much problem with diseases too remember that as human beings the dog must take the same care, it must drink enough water.

How do you know if a dog has a urine infection?

We must pay attention to behavior and urine, since if it is very dark we could enter at the beginning of an infection, but if we add symptoms such as that does not want to eat, urine only droplets, is very sore, we could make way for the disease that is urine infection but that is commonly called cystitis.

In these cases, as in adults, the bladder fills with many bacteria and therefore the urine will appear very cloudy yellow and even bloody. The examination that the specialist will perform through a strip or culture will determine if there is infection and if the diagnosis results in infection, the veterinarian will prescribe antibiotics.

Let's just remember that if the problem is treated as soon as possible, it will not get complicated, since infections can damage other organs such as kidneys. Another reason for the infection is dehydration, it is important that our dog drinks a lot of clean and fresh water so as not to incur these diseases, observe and verify that he drinks enough water.

When does a dog pee dark?

There may be some indicators that warn us if our pet is not well, such as cloudy and dark urine. Through urine, the dog eliminates waste from the body, so its color gives us the necessary information about the health of your dog. If the urine is dark in color, and has a strong acid odor, it is necessary to take your pet to the vet as soon as possible, since normally the urine should have a light yellow color and not be so concentrated.

When urine is dark yellow, may be a sign of dehydration, so I recommend that you keep your pet well hydrated. Also, the dark color of the urine can be due to an excessive loss of electrolytes or body fluids that can generate organ failure that manifests itself with the following symptoms: lethargy, loss of appetite, dry mouth, and dark urine with a strong smell.

In the same way, keep in mind that the color of the urine can also be a sign of kidney stones or stones in the bladder, which form when the urine concentrates and the minerals in it cannot crystallize and harden like stones.

What happens when a dog urinates very yellow?

If your dog has hepatitis you should take him to the vet

It is normal if the dog has not urinated for a long time, therefore the urine will come out more yellow because it is more concentrated, but if in this case the urine comes out very yellow, this means that we must even take it to the vet.

If we add to this symptoms such as pain, loss of appetite, it may be due to dehydration, So it is very important that our dog drinks a lot of water so that his urine is totally normal. But if we see other abnormalities such as blood, such as another color of urine, we must go immediately to the veterinarian so that he can diagnose the cause and can provide us with some treatment for healing.

What does red urine mean?

When you have an infection, the urine may come out with little blood streaks but if the urine is dark reddish or pink, we are facing the phenomenon of hematuria and this may be due to something serious such as bleeding in the urinary system.

If this happens, our dog you will need immediate medical attentionSince the reason for the bleeding must be determined and thus a treatment can be established, on some occasions in females red urine can also mean vaginal bleeding and this can tend to confuse the urine.

Let's not forget that acquiring a pet is our responsibility, because it will already be part of our family, it will be another one like our son, so they require attention and care, monitoring of certain diseases, but above all giving them a lot, a lot of love.

When they are sick, try to pamper them, because believe it or not, dogs also feel love, contempt, anger, anger and are psychologically active, so it is recommended to treat them like another child. We must be very alert to everything that our pet refers to, so that diseases are not complicated and may tend to lose our dog.

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