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We always care about the health of our pets and therefore, we always try to give them the best food, hygiene and everything that is in our hands. But sometimes the theme of oral hygiene, which if it is necessary for us will be even more so for our furry little ones. Therefore, we find a product like Dentastix.

It is one of the great resources given the figures that are already being considered on gum disease. More than 80% of the animals have them. What is the consequence of not preventing or treating them? That you can have infections, with them pain and even the loss of your teeth. Since we do not want that to happen, we are going to solve it!

What is Dentastix

As it is very difficult to brush our dogs' teeth, we have to look for an alternative that works as such. There it comes into play Dentastix, because it is a snack that they can chew, so just with that simple step you will already be taking care of your teeth and gums.

Because it has an 'X' shape that is not by chance, but because in this way, the product can travel the entire part of the tooth and with it, clean more thoroughly while the animals entertain themselves by playing and nibbling. In addition, we cannot forget that it is low in fat and it only has about 77 calories. Say goodbye to tartar and gum inflammation!

How to choose the right Dentastix for your dog

Choosing the most suitable Dentastix for your dog is very simple. Because it is a product that comes in packs. In addition to being able to make the selection of the quantities, we will also do the same according to the dog we have. On the one hand, there are special Dentastix mini packs for dogs that are also special. Therefore, both puppies and small dogs need minis.

But if you have a medium-sized dog, you can select small or medium-sized products, which are specified in each box. The same as if you have a large breed dog, then there will be some larger bars intended for its teeth. So in summary the choice will depend on the size of our pets. Because the product itself will have the same effect and has the same purpose at all ages. As you will give him one a day, you can always opt for packs with more units so as not to run out of it.

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How Dentastix works, does it really clean your teeth?

The truth is that yes. Dentastix is ​​designed to clean the teeth of animals and does it to the letter. Thanks to its 'X' shape, which we have already discussed, there is a mechanical action on the teeth. This translates into chewing more, generating more saliva, and cleaning the mouth.. But it is also that it also prevents the formation of tartar, exercising at the same time the gums and freeing them of bacteria that usually remain to live in them. It has the function of softening the existing plate, avoiding the formation of more stones. What makes it come off more easily. Thus it is vital to give our pet a bar every day, because only then can we take care of its mouth as it deserves.

Although sometimes you worry that your dog will eat it too quickly because of its effectiveness, you can rest easy. Because it is said that if it only takes a few seconds to get rid of it, the more times you will have chewed to get it. There is the secret, in these bites they are more or less fast. So even at that speed, it will clean your teeth the right way.

Can Dentastix be given to a puppy?

Puppies still do not have tooth problems, as a general rule. It is very rare that bad breath or tartar occurs both early. But it is true that we can introduce good routines in their diet and in their habits to prevent later problems. It is because of that From six months it is advisable to give Dentastix to a puppy and not before. In fact, it is recommended that certain chewy toys that are a little hard not be given until more than 10 months. But in the case of this snack we can do it safely.

Of course, buying the 'Puppy' version that is intended for the puppies in the house. For them it will be a delight and a peace of mind for you because they are composed of calcium, which will always help them at all times. So, you can give this product to your puppies to ensure that their mouth will start to be healthy as they grow!

Is it bad to give your dog Dentastix?

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No, it is not bad to give your dog Dentastix. Why Although it is a kind of candy for them, it does not have added sugars. In addition, as we have mentioned before, it has few calories and they love its taste. So, they are enough advantages to bet on a product like this. Not to mention again all the help it offers taking care of the gums, saying goodbye to bad breath and preventing future infections or more complicated diseases that can occur through the bacteria that accumulate in the mouth.

My take on Dentastix for dogs

It is true that sometimes we can be assaulted by a series of doubts regarding products like this. But when you do a little research, we realize that they have very good opinions. So one day I took the plunge and bought them for my dog. Undoubtedly, his reaction was more enthusiastic than expected and it seems that his flavor won him over at the first exchange. Now every day he always waits for his gift and so on for weeks. It must be said that his teeth are brighter than ever, so so far he has not had bad breath problems that he did see dragging on occasions and neither tartar. Something that is sometimes complicated because we already know that they put everything in their mouths. Hence, I can say in the first person that the product fulfills its function. It is the routine of every day and at home you cannot miss it, otherwise, surely my furry would miss it!

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Where to buy Dentastix cheaper

  • The Amazon: If you want to buy Dentastix much cheaper, then Amazon is one of everyone's favorite websites. You can find special packs for each age and also with different amounts, according to the needs of your pet. You will also enjoy a quick purchase with discounts, which never hurt.
  • Zooplus: It is one of the pet stores preferred by many users. Because also the deliveries are quite fast and that is always an incentive. As for Dentastix, you will also find it in different formats and brands. But not only for dogs but cats will also be able to enjoy its great advantages.
  • kiwiko: It is the chain leader in animal products. So we are also going to find all kinds of products and ideas aimed at improving the health of our pets. For this reason, Dentastix could not be missing from its catalog. At very competitive prices that you should also discover so that your dogs do not lack anything.
  • Tentenimal: Another of the basic points that have everything you need for your animals is this place. Because they have been providing all kinds of products for more than 10 years and in this case, you can also get your Dentastix packs. Forever selecting the one indicated for the size of your pet and you will discover everything you can save.

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