Dog bath accessories: your pet clean and shiny

You can bathe your dog in the garden

Bathing your dog can be both a hilarious moment and an ordeal (especially if the poor thing doesn't like water). Sometimes choosing the best dog bath accessories can make the difference between a good bath and a mediocre one, in which the dog comes out almost as dirty as before.

That is why we have prepared this article on bathroom accessories for dogs, and in addition we have also prepared a series of tips to make this moment so necessary but sometimes so complex something easier for both of us. And, if you are left wanting more, we also recommend this other article on what to do if the dog is afraid of the bathroom.

The best dog bath accessory

2 in 1 shower accessory

If your dog is afraid of water, this accessory is a very good option to consider: it is a kind of tube ending in a mitten that can be plugged into the shower or a hose (although it only adapts to those of the United Kingdom). United). By simply pressing a button in the center of the mitt you can activate the water. In addition, it has an adjustable strap so that it does not slip out of your hand and an ergonomic design through which not only does the water come out, but it also has a massaging effect on the dog.

Shampoo for all types of dogs

Another very interesting option for bathing our dog is this shampoo from the Men For San brand, a specialist in this type of product. It has aloe vera extracts and is recommended for most breeds and coats, as well as for irritated or even itchy skin, thanks to its natural and moisturizing composition. Finally, It has a very good aroma, although without being a strong smell, so as not to bother the dog.

Soft and comfortable bathrobe

This bathrobe is another of the bathroom accessories for dogs that can be very useful. It is very soft and comfortable, it has a hood, a velcro closure and a belt and even a small towel to dry their paws. It is available in three colors (grey, blue and brown) and six different sizes (from size XXS to XL). Reviews about the product also highlight how long and how fast it dries.

dog dryer

But if what your dog needs is something more powerful, this dryer will do just fine. Although the comments point out that it is quite noisy, the truth is that it more than meets the rest: it has several heads, dries and removes water almost instantly and even has two regular ones, one for power and one for heat, and so on. avoid burning your pet's skin, as well as a tube of almost two meters. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to dry small and medium dogs and a half hour for large ones.

portable dog shower

Obviously the shower provided by this product will not have the same quality as a shower at home or with a professional, but It is certainly a very useful product if you go camping or traveling. It is a shower bulb that you can put in a two liter bottle (although it seems that it only works with soda bottles) and that provides more than a minute of shower, perfect to clean your dog before getting in the car, for instance.

collapsible dog bathtub

If you have a small dog, a collapsible bathtub like this one is a very good option to bathe your dog. As it folds, it hardly takes up any space, and you can also use it for other tasks such as storing clothes, toys... the material is plastic, very strong and durable, and is about forty centimeters long by 21 high. It also has a hole covered with a silicone stopper at the base so you can drain the water once you're done.

dog conditioner

We end with another very interesting product with which you can combine your dog's bath, a conditioner so that his fur is in the best possible condition. It is from the Artero brand, a classic among pets, and this conditioner in particular is made with natural products and is recommended for both cats and dogs with double-layered, coarse or short hair.

The bathroom and your dog: everything you need to know

Dog in the bathtub with a leash so that it does not escape

Your dog knows what it's like to live life to the fullest: rolling around in the mud, running around the park, chasing the pigeons and splashing around in the river are some of his ideas for fun. That's why dogs require a good bath from time to time to leave them new and soft as a stuffed animal. But, how often should the dog be bathed? And what is needed? We see it below.

How often should a dog be bathed?

The answer to this question is not easy, since It will depend on each dog depending on its breed and especially on the length of the coat. For example, dogs with a medium-length coat are recommended to be bathed once every six weeks or so. Dogs with shorter coats, on the other hand, need more frequent baths, while those with longer coats, contrary to what one might expect, need fewer baths.

In addition, dogs need to have a minimum of natural grease to keep their coat in optimal condition, which is why it is highly recommended that the first time you go to the vet with your dog, ask how often you should bathe him. Another possibility is to take him to a dog groomer, where they can not only give him a bath, but also dry his fur and leave it like a brush.

What do you need to give him a bath?

A wet dog after a bath

Although we have previously seen a selection of highly recommended products for bathing our dog, it can be useful to have a list with the minimum products you will need:

  • Shampoo and conditioner. It is important that they are not for humans, since they are too aggressive and can damage their skin.
  • Water. Obviously, to combine with the shampoo and conditioner and get them out of the fur once it's ready, we need water. It can be in a shower, but a garden hose will do just as well.
  • A place to put your dog during the bath. It seems silly, but a basin, or a baby bath, or even an inflatable pool are extremely useful to avoid making a mess, contain your dog and have extra water to bathe him.
  • Prizes and some toy. You can use them to distract your dog if it is not very bathing.
  • A couple of towels. You have to dry it well at the end of the bath to ensure both that there is no shampoo left and that you are not going to catch a cold.
  • A brush. Brush it before and after bathing to make the fur as shiny and fine as possible, as well as remove knots or even locate ticks.

Tricks to bathe them without drama

dogs love to splash

If your dog is not a big fan of water and every time you want to bathe him, he makes a mess of it, there are a series of tricks that can be useful:

  • Use toys and prizes. We have said it before, we will repeat it again very briefly: distracting your dog with toys and dogs so that they consider bath time as a positive moment is a good idea to gradually get them used to it.
  • Wear a collar and leash. Especially if your baths are outside, like in a patio or garden, it is a very good idea to use a collar and a leash (try to make them waterproof so they don't get damaged). This way you will not only be able to control it better, but you will also prevent it from escaping.
  • Take the opportunity to do it when you are tired. If your pooch has been on a squirrel-chasing spree in the park, a good time to bathe him is when he's tired, so he'll have less energy to resist and may even like it and relax him.

Where to buy dog ​​bath accessories

A dog groomer

Depending on the product, finding dog bathroom accessories can be harder or easier. Thus, they are products that we can find to a certain extent in general stores. For example:

  • En Amazon You will find a great selection of accessories. Although it may be worth buying a brand-name shampoo or from the vet, there are other accessories, such as towels, basins, toys... that Amazon makes available to you and that it will send in a jiffy once you buy it so that you have it at home as soon as possible. soon as possible.
  • En specialized stores such as TiendaAnimal or Kiwoko you will also find a very good selection of bath products for your pet. These are the stores where you will find more balance between quality and quantity, and something very positive is that they have both online and physical versions.
  • Finally, in department store like El Corte Inglés you can also find some interesting and cool accessory. On the other hand, you can also find good products at veterinarians, and if you have doubts, it is the best place to go to have them clarified.

We hope that this article on dog bathroom accessories has been helpful to you in finding what you were looking for. Tell us, does your dog like to bathe? What tricks do you use to keep it under control? Is there a product that we forgot to review and that you recommend?

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