The best dog poop scoopers of all kinds

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Dog poop scoopers are usually divided into two types, depending on whether they are small or large, but the truth is that within each one there are quite a few more options that will allow you to collect your dog's droppings with distance and hygiene, as well as respecting the environment.

Por eso Today we have made this article with all kinds of dog poop scoopers. In addition to recommending the best ones, we will also talk about their different types and its advantages and disadvantages. And if bags are your thing but you want to be more ecological, we recommend this other article about best biodegradable dog poop bags.

best dog poop scooper

60 cm dustpan with jaws

It's no wonder this dog poop scooper has the most upvotes on Amazon, as it's a strong and very useful structure. to pick up poop from a distance (the device measures neither more nor less than 60 cm). Nor should we be afraid because our dog plants pine trees of a certain size, since the jaws are large enough to pick up everything that is put in front of them. Also, you can use it in various ways, for example, by putting a bag on one end. You can also do it without a bag, although you will have to clean it afterwards. Also, it is very easy to clean and use.

large poop scooper

At first glance, this dustpan looks like a set of shovel and broom, although a series of details make it well thought out to pick up doggie poop. First of all, it is made of stainless steel, and not plastic, which makes it more resistant. In addition, the tines of the broom are designed so that you can pick up debris both in tall grass and other ground surfaces. It also has an adjustable height so you can use the one that is most comfortable for you. However, the use of this large dog poop scooper is mainly intended for the garden, since it is uncomfortable to take for a walk.

Small, foldable dustpan

And from one end to the other, from a large dustpan for use in the garden to a dustpan so small that you can take it anywhere. Although it is not designed so that you do not have to bend your spine and you will have to bend down anyway, this dustpan, in which you put the bag, is specially designed to maintain hygiene to the maximum and that you do not touch any surface. Being foldable, it hardly takes up space and is also compatible with most bags.

Dustpan with bag dispenser

Another small bag dispenser model, although this one has a number of features that may be better suited to your needs. For example, it includes a bag dispenser and is tied to the leash of the dog so you don't forget. The operation is simple, since it consists of a kind of plastic bowl that opens and closes to collect the poop with tweezers. It is available in two sizes, S and L.

Pick up poop from a distance

This dustpan allows you to pick up your pet's poop without getting your hands dirty and putting as much distance as possible. It measures 60 cm and consists of jaws that open and close (more or less, depending on the opening need, that is, the size of the poo) very easily, just by activating a lever. Poop can also be collected in two ways, putting a bag on the tip or covering it with paper. It is available in three colors, blue, pink and green.

Portable tweezers collector

Halfway between the largest pickers with more distance and the more mini ones, in which you have to bend down, there is this type of products, quite interesting for those who want something in between. It still has a handle and is very comfortable to use, since it even allows you to pick up poop with a bag or without anything with its large pliers, however, it is not as long as other models, making it easier and more comfortable to carry . It also includes a bag dispenser.

Simple pick-up pliers

To finish, these tweezers are highly recommended (which look like tweezers to collect the pasta), whose operation is extremely simple: pick up your dog's poop. Each tong is either pan-shaped or fork-shaped to pick up the residue more easily. They weigh very little and, as a drawback, they are quite dirty because of their shape they tend to get dirty.

Dustpan Types

Sign asking owners to pick up their dog's poop

It seems that a dog poop scooper is not going to have many innovations, but the truth is that there are many types of products that may or may not suit what you need.

in the form of tweezers

Dog poop scoopers in the form of tweezers are the most common that we can find. There are more or less long, large and small, although the mechanism tends to be the same: a kind of plastic pot that opens and closes like pliers from the other end.

mini dustpans

The mini pickers they are the smallest within the typology of this type of products, and therefore do not share some of its most important advantages (such as the convenience of not having to bend over or get close to the poop), although they are very respectful of the environment, since they allow you to collect or even store the poop until we find where to throw it. They are usually shaped like a shovel or a plastic receiver.

broom shaped

Broom-shaped dustpans look like it at first glance, although the tines are different, since they allow you to collect the poop and only the poop, put it in the dustpan and throw it away. They do not have much more mystery, you just have to keep in mind that they are used especially in the garden, since it is cumbersome to take to the park or for a walk.

with integrated bag

This kind of dog poop scooper Includes a plastic bag at one of its extremes to try to take maximum precautions and stay away from the atomic poop of your dog. Normally, when you pick up the poop, you already put it in a bag, so you just have to tie it up and throw it away. Obviously, this is the least environmentally friendly option.

Advantages and disadvantages of poop scoopers for dogs

A black dog ready to go for a walk

Poop scoopers for your dog, like everything in this life, have many advantages and disadvantages, so finally getting one will depend on your needs and tastes. Let's see them:


  • The longest pickers allow you to pick up poop from the floor with less effort, since there is no need to bend down.
  • As well are more positive for the environment, since, unlike bags, the same dustpan is always used.
  • They keep hands away from poop, so they are more hygienic and there is less danger of staining.


  • They are a bit monstrous, especially the longest ones, so can be somewhat uncomfortable to carry
  • You will have to wash the dustpan after each use (especially if the poop has been especially wet), which can also be a nuisance.
  • The bigger they are, the more space they take up., so when it comes to storing them they can be a nuisance, especially if you live in a small place.

where to buy dog ​​poop scoops

a luminous poop

To find a variety of dog poop scoops you will have to search a bit since, being a fairly specific productDon't get used to these available in places like department stores, for example.

  • En Amazon, without a doubt, is where you will find the majority of dustpans of higher quality and variety. They have them long, short, large, small, in the shape of a broom... on top of that, with their Prime option you will have it at home in no time.
  • However, if you want to see the dustpan in person, it's best to go somewhere. specialized store. For example, in Kiwoko or TiendaAnimal you not only have the physical store to see what the products are like in reality, but you can also find very interesting offers on the web.
  • Finally, in AliExpress They also have enough dustpans so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Although the prices are usually very tight, the truth is that they can take a long time to arrive, making it a good option to keep in mind as long as you are not in a hurry.

Dog poop scoopers have much more possibilities than expected, and they are a comfortable, hygienic and respectful way with the environment to collect the poop of our dog. Tell us, do you use any dustpan similar to these? How about? Do you think we have left out any useful or important types to mention?

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