Practical and transportable travel accessories for dogs

A dog is entertained looking at the landscape of travel

Whether you are going to travel to Cuenca or if you are going to visit the distant Black Forest, summer is approaching and the travel bug is starting to take its toll. That is why it is likely that you are considering going somewhere with your pet, or even that you have to do it out of necessity: in any case, it is very likely that you need travel accessories for dogs.

In this article We have prepared a lot of different travel accessories for dogs so that both of you go very prepared and, in addition, we are going to give you a lot of advice about the trip. We also recommend this other related article on dog car seat protector.

The best travel accessory for dogs

travel wipes for dogs

the best product, The most useful and the one that you will undoubtedly appreciate having on hand if you go on a trip with your dog is something much simpler and more basic than you can imagine: some wipes. These are specially designed for your pet, they are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and slightly moist, to easily remove dirt, as well as very soft and ideal for places such as ears, paws or bum. In addition, they are travel size, so you can take them everywhere.

Four collapsible bowls

Neither more nor less than four collapsible silicone bowls, with a capacity of 350 ml, is what you will find in this order. Being made of silicone, they are very easy to wash and extremely resistant, in addition, they can be folded until they are a kind of very flat and manageable circle, and each one comes with its own carabiner so that you can carry them hanging from wherever you want and always have on hand The bowls are blue, green, pink and red.

Travel anti-stress pheromones

Sometimes travel can be a real horror, especially if your dog has a hard time. That's why there are pheromones like these from Adaptil, a brand specialized in natural products to reduce your pet's stress. This comes in travel format so you can take it wherever you want and you can reassure your pet. Keep in mind, however, that each dog reacts differently to these types of products and that some work better than others.

Cheap travel feeder and drinker

The German brand Trixie has this interesting product, which is around 8 euros, with which you can carry up to two liters of food and which also consists of two drinkers (or a drinker and a feeder, depending on how you look at it) of 0,750 l each . Besides, they can be put in the dishwasher, so they are very easy to wash, and they have a rubber base so they do not slip.

Comfortable booster car seat

Because your dog is not just any commoner, he is the king of the house, and as such, he needs his own throne for when he goes in the car. This is a very soft and comfortable seat, with two safety belts to adjust it to the car and a third one to hold it to it and make it comfortable but safe. In addition to having a cute design, it is very easy to clean, because you can put it in the washing machine, and it has a pocket on the side so you can store what you or your dog need.

Cloth bag to carry food

Another very convenient solution if you want to take your dog's food with you is this practical bag in which you can store up to 5 kilos of food. It has a rollable fabric, you can clean it by machine and the best thing is, it keeps food fresh until the dog wants to eat. In addition, it has a practical pocket to carry the folding feeder and another with mesh to, for example, carry the keys.

travel water bottle

And we end with this list of travel accessories for dogs with a most vital element if you are going to travel with your pet: a travel water bottle. This is very practical because it has a safety closure and, in addition, one of the ends is in the shape of a bowl so that your dog can drink comfortably without needing a bowl. Also, if there is any leftover water, you can return it to the rest of the container very easily.

Recommendations for traveling with your dog

When traveling by plane you have to take extra precautions

Now that summer is approaching, you may be planning to go somewhere on vacation with your dog to break the routine and relax. Nevertheless, traveling with dogs is not exactly the same as taking them for a walk in the park. That is why we have prepared this list of tips that you can apply to any type of transport, but especially the car:

Prepare your dog for the trip

There is nothing less recommendable than going from zero to one hundred with our pets, therefore, avoid by all means locking your dog in the car for a long trip without having trained before. And how do you train? Well, little by little, and as we have been recommending other times: in this case, start to get your dog used to the car, for example, by bringing it closer, letting it smell, to noises... when it is used to it, you can start taking short trips and going to them gradually lengthening.

Prepare a convenient travel kit

And by convenient we don't mean a few peanuts to snack on, but suits your needs and those of your dog. For example, an approved carrier is vital in the case of airplanes, providing security with belts and a carrier in the car, and, of course, a bottle and a travel feeder, especially if it is a long journey. It is also useful to prepare a first aid kit (if necessary with medicines that you already take), plastic bags for when you have to poop and everything else you can think of that you might need.

make an appointment at the vet

It is also highly recommended to make an appointment with the vet a few days before making any trip. This way you can check your pet and check that it is in good health, as well as ask the vet about medication, and even if it is advisable to give it a pill for motion sickness or to make it fall asleep and have a better time.

A dog sticking his head out the window

Don't leave your pet alone

Especially if you travel by car, do not leave your pet inside the vehicle, not only because it can give you a snuggle from the heat, but because it is cruel. In fact, in some countries you can even be fined for animal abuse.

Extra considerations if you travel by plane

If traveling by plane as a human is already an odyssey, carrying your pet is an almost titanic task. That's why we hope that you these tips are useful we have prepared:

  • Firstly, always carry your documents travel and that they are up to date.
  • As we said before, always travel with a carrier approved specifically for air travelespecially for your safety.
  • In the carrier, moreover, put an identification tag with the name of your pet, a photo, as well as your name and data (the telephone is especially important) and, with large letters, “live cargo” ('live cargo'), to indicate that it is an animal and that they have to be careful. It is also advisable to carry a photo of your pet with you in case it escapes.
  • Tell all the staff on board that you are traveling with your pet (not to make you look cool, but to make them aware that there is one more living being on the plane and take it into account).
  • Finally, if the plane is delayed, notify the airline staff and ask them to check that he is okay.

Where to buy dog ​​travel accessories

A dog looking out the train window

Maybe because they are a very specific product, it is not particularly common to find travel products designed specifically for dogs. Among the most common places, for example, we find:

  • En Amazon, the king of products of all kinds, you will find a large number of products specifically designed to travel with your dog, such as, for example, carriers, straps that are attached to the seat belt, bottles and travel feeders... also, with its Prime option you have them at home in a moment.
  • En specialized stores in animals like TiendaAnimal or Kiwoko you will also find a lot of products to travel with your pet. The good thing about these stores is that, despite having less variety, they are of high quality and you can also visit them in person to check them out first-hand.
  • Finally, in some veterinarians you can find carriers and some other product, although it is not usual. The price also tends to be somewhat higher than in other stores, but the good thing is that you can ask a professional for advice, and you can also buy the medicines you will need for the trip.

We hope this article on dog travel accessories has helped you plan Better that getaway or that long trip that you have to do with your pet. Tell us, have you ever traveled with your dog somewhere? How was the experience? Do you think we have missed reviewing an interesting product?

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