Editorial team

Mundo Perros is a website that belongs to AB Internet, in which every day since 2011 we inform you of the most popular canine breeds and those that are not so popular, of the care that each of them need, and, if that were not enough , we offer you many tips so that you can enjoy your four-legged companion more and better.

The editorial team of Mundo Perros It is made up of a team of true dog lovers, who will advise you whenever you need it whenever you have questions about the care and/or maintenance of these friendly animals considered one of the best friends of humanity. If you are interested in working with us, complete the following form and we will contact you.


  • Encarni Arcaya

    I have had dogs since I was six years old. I love sharing my life with them and I always try to educate myself to give them the best quality of life. That's why I love helping others who, like me, know that dogs are important, a responsibility that we must take care of and make their lives as happy as possible. I have studied journalism and veterinary medicine, and I have worked as an editor for several magazines and blogs about the canine world. My goal is to convey my passion and knowledge about these wonderful animals, and offer practical and useful advice to improve their well-being and their relationship with us.

Former editors

  • Monica Sanchez

    Dogs are animals that I have always liked very much. I have been lucky enough to live with several people throughout my life, and always, on all occasions, the experience has been unforgettable. Spending years with an animal like this can only bring you good things, because they give love without asking for anything in return. For this reason, I decided to dedicate myself to writing about them, to share my passion and knowledge with other dog lovers. In my articles, you will find tips, curiosities, stories and everything you need to know to care for and enjoy your furry best friend.

  • Lourdes Sarmiento

    I am a great dog lover and I have been rescuing and caring for them since I was in diapers. I really like races, but I can't resist the look and gestures of the mestizos, with whom I share my daily life. I have written about all kinds of topics related to dogs, from their health and nutrition to their behavior and education. I am passionate about learning and sharing everything I know about these wonderful animals, which are much more than pets, they are part of my family.

  • Susy fontenla

    I am an editor passionate about dogs. Since I was little I have been fascinated by these faithful companions, and I have dedicated a large part of my life to helping them. I have been volunteering at a shelter for years, where I have met many wonderful dogs that need a home. Some of them have become my own dogs, which are not few. Now I have to dedicate all my time to them, taking care of them, educating them and playing with them. I adore these animals, and I enjoy spending time with them. I love writing about dogs, sharing my experiences and advice, and learning from other dog lovers. I hope you find my articles useful and interesting, and that they inspire you to love these special beings more.

  • Nat Cherry

    I am an editor passionate about the canine world, especially large dogs like huskies. I love reading and writing about their stories, their care, and their personalities. However, because I live in an apartment that is too small, I cannot have my own and I have to settle for seeing them from afar. I'm a fan of dogs like Sir Didymus and Ambrosius, Sarah's adventure companions in the movie Inside the Labyrinth, or Kavik, the wolfdog protagonist of Walt Morey's novel. My soulmate is a Bernese mountain dog called Papabertie, who lives with my best friend and visits me from time to time. I like to spend time with him, play, walk and give him lots of cuddles.

  • Anthony Carter

    I am a canine trainer, personal trainer and cook for dogs based in Seville. My love for dogs comes from afar, since I grew up surrounded by them in a family of professional trainers, caregivers and breeders, for several generations. Dogs are my passion and my job, and I am dedicated to teaching them to behave well, improving their relationship with their owners and feeding them in a healthy and tasty way. If you have any questions, I will be happy to help you and your dog. I love sharing my knowledge and experiences about the canine world, and that is why I write articles, tips and recipes so that you can enjoy your furry companion to the fullest.

  • Susana godoy

    I grew up always surrounded by pets like Siamese cats and especially dogs, of different breeds and sizes. They are the best company that can exist! So each one invites you to know their qualities, their training and everything they need. An exciting world full of unconditional love and much more that you must also discover every day. Since I was little I was fascinated by learning about the behavior, health and well-being of dogs. My goal is to inform, educate and entertain readers with interesting, useful and fun articles about dogs. I like to write about various topics, from practical advice for caring for and living with dogs, to curiosities, anecdotes and news about these wonderful animals.