Essential care for dogs

essential dog care

Dogs are our faithful companions. We spend many hours with them and we know that they depend on their owners to live well. Therefore, whether you have a dog, or are going to have one, it is always a good idea to review essential dog care. Because, do you know if the natural dog food or the think? And how much exercise to do? Is your dog bored?

Below we want to give you a small guide on feeding, exercise and mental health tips for your pet. This way, you will know that you are giving him what he needs and you can feel proud of being a good owner for your best friend. Go for it?

Advice on feeding

different breeds and sizes of dogs

We start with food, one of the keys to making your dog feel and look healthy. Depending on the breed or size of your dog, you will need to provide it with an appropriate diet. And here you should not be governed so much by price but rather by quality (within your budget, of course). Try to choose whenever you can a food that is balanced and appropriate for your dog (his breed, age, size or activity level). And what food is the best? Without a doubt, natural food like the one offered at Dogfy Diet, because it has an adequate proportion of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins.

But, if you prefer to give him another food, Don't forget to check the opinions and ingredients it contains.. You will be surprised at what you can give to your friend.

Related to food, and to avoid being overweight, we advise you to control the portions you give them. No matter how much he looks at you with those little eyes, do not succumb, because if he develops obesity, in the end it will cause many health problems and could shorten his life expectancy.

And did you know that dogs should always eat at the same time? Well yes, because that helps them regulate their metabolism. Therefore, if you set a time, try to respect it. Yes, you can skip it sometimes, but don't change your schedule too much or it could damage your digestive system.

Finally, don't forget to let him fresh water available. It is important to change it every day, especially in summer, since the water will become too hot; or in winter, when it may be too cold and it bothers you to drink it.

Tips on exercise in dogs

dog bumping paws with its owner

A dog that exercises is a happy dog. But not only for that, but because he will be healthy, he will have an adequate weight, he will strengthen his muscles and joints, he will avoid boredom or have too much energy.

Now, Not all dogs need the same type and duration of exercise.. The youngest ones, the puppies, do need something more, and the seniors have to change their exercise routine. Our recommendation is that you try to adapt it to your dog, whether it is small, medium, large or extra large. But also at his age.

What you should give him always daily is the walk. This will make him interact with his environment, smell, explore, meet other dogs and people... Of course, don't always go to the same place, try to vary it so that he knows the whole place, or even try to vary his activities. If you take him to the park to play with the ball, one day make it a ribbon or a Frisbee instead of a ball. And yes, also include yourself in exercising with him because that will strengthen the bond you have between the two of you. By the way, with that exercise and game you could teach him some obedience or some tricks.

If in some moment You see that your dog seems tired, that he is not interested, he lies down... do not force him. It may be that the exercise is too intense for what you are used to; or who has health problems. If this happens several times, we recommend that you consult your veterinarian.

Tips on your pet's mental health

dog puppy in arms

Just like people, dogs should also have good mental health. This is a topic that is not talked about much. And yet, it is more important than you may think.

One of those tips that we can propose to you is the mental stimulation. When dogs are small, they are very curious about everything. That's why they can't sit still and do so many mischief; after all, they are investigating. However, over time, as they grow, their curiosity is lost if not stimulated. And the problem is that this makes your dog feel bored and, therefore, he can be more problematic (barking, bad behavior, destruction...).

To avoid it, there is nothing like stimulating it. To do this, we suggest that you use interactive toys such as canine puzzles or toys that give them rewards. That will keep him entertained. Although the best thing is that you spend that time with him.

You shouldn't forget about socialization either. All dogs need to interact with other dogs, and even with other animals. Otherwise, their socialization will be governed by fear and aggression. To prevent this from happening, from the moment he has the vaccines, we recommend that you take him outside and let him interact with other dogs, and even with other people.

If he is already an adult, or is not behaving well, you may need the help of a professional; But you do have to trust that you can socialize. It will take more or less, but eventually your emotional well-being will improve.

Another point to keep in mind to improve your dog's mental health is routines. Far from thinking that they are boring and that that is what may have caused your dog to behave badly, the truth is that routine relaxes them for animals. Knowing what is going to happen in their daily lives gives them security and stability.

That doesn't mean you can't change routines from time to time, but usually they change it temporarily, and then it's back to business as usual, so they see it as a game.

Now that you have the essential care of dogs clear, Do you already know how you are going to change your pet's life for the better? Believe us, sharing as much time as possible with them will be worth the effort.

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