The 6 best natural foods for dogs

Bowl full of natural feed

Choosing the best natural dog food is an adventureNot for nothing is the feeding of our dog essential to keep it healthy and fit. Natural feed is a very good option (although, we already warned, much more expensive) to feed your dog in the best possible way, especially those that do not contain cereals and that have now become so fashionable.

In this article We will see the best brands of natural dog food, we will talk about their pros and cons and, finally, we will give you a few tips on what to take into account when choosing one feed or another. If you are interested in this topic, we also recommend that you take a look at this other article about 7 best dog foods. So, if you are interested in this topic, keep reading!

The best natural food for dogs

Orijen Original for dogs

If there is a feed that is considered the king of kings among natural dog food, it is undoubtedly Orijen. With a very clear message, that dogs are carnivores and should base their diet only on meat, not on substitutes or the like, this Canadian company has prepared a simply exquisite product. This made from fresh, dehydrated chicken, turkey and fish meat and contains more meat and protein than other ingredients (like vegetables). Additionally, all products are from environmentally responsible Canadian farms.

One of the few negative points of this product is the price (one of the highest on the market).

Selection of natural dog food

If Orijen does not finish convincing you, there are many other brands of natural feed that are very interesting, as we will see below.

I think natural with weight control

For dogs with weight problems it is highly recommended the Akana brand, which is in fact Orijen's little sister. Although somewhat cheaper, its quality is indisputable, as it includes a majority of fresh ingredients such as chicken and turkey. Among its ingredients we find some cereal such as alfalfa and vegetables such as spinach or squash. With this contribution of vegetables it is sought, in addition to eliminating harmful cereals, to substitute their natural sugar to prevent the dog from getting fat.

I think with venison and bison without cereals

Taste of the Wild is also a great option to feed your dog. Although on your ingredient list some percentages are missed to put into context the amount that each ingredient contains, the composition of the feed is very good, since it is based on bison, lamb and venison meat. In addition, it has many other varieties of flavors than other brands and it does not have cereals.

I think hypoallergenic with rice

Yerbero is a company located in Zaragoza that bases its brand of natural feed on ingredients such as dehydrated poultry protein and that does not contain wheat. Thus, it is a product suitable for animals allergic to gluten, since its base consists of rice and not cereals such as wheat. In fact, reviews about the product highlight how well it has done to dogs with such problems.

Natural food for puppies

We return to the Akana brand, this time to recommend its variety of food for small breed puppies weighing up to 7 kilos in adulthood. Undoubtedly this is one of the best options to start feeding your puppy from scratch with a proper diet, based on fresh chicken, turkey and fish, some vegetables and no cereals. In addition, the grain size of the feed is especially small to help puppies chew.

Natural chicken-based feed

The Edgard & Cooper brand also has very interesting natural dog food. In addition to a fairly large variety of flavors (salmon, duck, venison ...) Edgard & Cooper's feed does not contain cereals and this particular variety, made from free-range chicken, turkey, apple and carrot, is specially designed for sensitive stomachs. In addition, it is also available in canned wet food and in the form of a pate so that you and your dog vary a bit. Without a doubt, a very good brand that, in addition to not being the most expensive, you can buy on Amazon as a recurring purchase to save 5% of the total price.

How to choose the best natural feed for your dog

To choose, among the many varieties of dog food that we can find in the market, the best for your dog, the trick is not to let yourself be carried away by how beautiful the photo of the bag is, but in what it says on the label.

  • Ideally, the feed will be based on meat. Look for a feed that has high percentages of this and, above all, with the adjectives fresh or dehydrated.
  • The variety of meat substitutes (expressed in feed in most cases with a simple "meat") are very harmful, since they tend to carry parts of animals that dogs do not eat, such as feathers, skin or beak. Flours are not very recommended, no matter how much they are animals, because they are very refined.
  • Although in small quantities they are not very harmful, it is better that the feed does not carry vegetables or cereals. Being carnivores, dogs do not need the nutrients they provide. They are used especially to "fatten" the croquettes with products cheaper than meat. Next we will expand a little more on this topic.

Cereals in dog food

Wheat is not very good for dogs

One of the latest debates in the world of dog food is the one that states that cereals, one of the most common ingredients in dog food, are not good for your dog. And, in part, they are right.

Dogs are descendants of wolves and, like other domestic animals (such as cats) they are totally carnivorous, and they have been until humans have started messing with their diet. For this reason, feed with a base that does not depend on cereals but on meat is highly recommended. Of course, the price is noticeable, because, as you can imagine, meat is much more expensive than cereals.

Indeed, cereals are mainly used to lower the cost of dog food. However, there are cereals much better than others. Wheat, for example, is one of the least recommended, since in the long run it can affect the health of your dog causing allergies due to the gluten it contains. If you have to opt for a cereal, let it be rice, since it is the easiest to digest and the least harmful.

Water and natural feed

Dog looking up

Something very important that you have to keep in mind when you feed your dog is that, being so protein-based, it is more important than ever that the animal is well hydrated. Therefore, the dog must have plenty of water at his disposal.

What to take into account when choosing the feed

Dog eating from a raised bowl

Finally now that you know all the secrets to choose the best dog food You can finish fine-tuning your decision taking into account a series of tips:


Firstly, What you should take into account the most when choosing one feed or another is the age of your dog, since it is not going to feed on the same when it is a puppy as when it is an adult. Due to growth and health issues, the composition of feed tends to vary, and that is why age is one of the main factors in making a decision.


It may be that your dog needs a veterinary type feed to have a health problem under control. Therefore, always follow the advice of your veterinarian. For other needs, for example to control overweight, you have endless options and brands.

Likes of your dog

Not only health has to prevail in the feeding of our dog: their tastes also have something to say. Choose a feed that you know he likes And, if you are going to change the brand, choose one from the same family (for example, if you like chicken, your next feed is also based on this bird).


Finally, as much as it hurts, sometimes we cannot afford a better feed for the price. So you can opt for slightly cheaper brands, but following the guidelines that we pointed out above (for example, if you have to bring cereals that is rice) so that your pet is well fed.

Where to buy natural dog food

A sad dog next to an empty bowl

Although there are many places where feed is sold, sometimes it is difficult to fine-tune and find the natural feed that you like the most to you and, of course, to your pet. Among the most common places you will find:

  • The Amazon, with a very good selection of natural feed from the main brands (Akana, Orijen ...) and, in addition, free shipping and the next day if you have the Prime option. This option is particularly convenient if you don't want to carry food up and down.
  • Specialized online stores such as TiendaAnimal or Kiwoko they also have a lot of natural feed. In addition to the main brands, they usually have their own private label of natural feed, a good option if you want to adjust the price.
  • Finally, in the big surfaces There are also some advisable natural feeds, although they do not have much variety and, for now, lifelong feeds, based on cereals, are more prevalent.

Choosing the best dog food is quite complicated, although we hope we have made it easy for you with this selection of products and a few tips. Tell us, what do you think about natural feed? What brand do you give your dog? Have you had a good experience? Remember that you can tell us what you want with a comment!

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