Reasons why a dog drinks water and vomits

If the dog drinks water and vomits you should be concerned

Water is essential for life and you and your dog need it in daily doses. When the dog is sick, the ingestion of water is always recommended as part of the recommended care, since hydration is crucial for health and the healing process of any disease.

However, what should I do when my dog ​​drinks a lot of water and vomits? A situation like this raises concerns, not knowing what to do or at least why the dog's body reacts like this, so we invite you to read the following article.

When to worry?

Find out what to do if your dog vomits

When there is dehydration

This is generally the leading cause of dog vomiting immediately after drinking water. What is dehydration? It occurs when amount of water consumed by the dog is not enough, so the body begins to break down.

Now if the dog is dehydrated, Wouldn't it be more normal for the problem to improve if you use water? ¿Why is he vomiting? When the dog is feeling dehydrated and has a source of water nearby, he will try to drink as much as possible to balance your body; However, the contrast between the state of his body and the sudden amount of water will cause a kind of shock, which will cause vomiting.

As a result, it allows the dog to have access to moderate amounts of water depending on its size and weight, stopping drinking for a few minutes before continuing to drink. This will help you during the transfer to a vet, who will be able to recommend you. other measures depending on the condition of the dog, in addition to determining the causes of dehydration.

When there are intestinal parasites

The intestinal parasites are a problem that can affect both puppies and adult dogs, some are quiet and hard to tell that they are using their host dog, while others bring various health problems, like vomit.

If your dog suffers a parasitic infestation, you may vomit after drinking water at some point, which will be accompanied by other symptoms like diarrhea and in puppies, distension of the stomach.

When there is diabetes

Diabetes in dogs it's more common than you think and one of the main diabetes symptoms in dogs it is a considerable increase in water consumption, since the disease prevents the dog's body from adequately absorbing nutrients from food.

Also, among the other symptoms of diabetes are vomiting and weight loss, so it is not strange that if it is the disease that affects your dog after drinking water. If you suspect this, we recommend that you go immediately to the vet and submit your dog to all the necessary tests.

When there is renal impairment

La renal insufficiency It is another disease that affects your dog's quality of life and can be fatal. It is caused by a variety of health problems, ranging from cancer to poisoning, which requires a lot of care, such as the use of specific foods for dogs with kidney problems.

Several symptoms of insufficiency and among them, we find a excessive thirst, which could lead to your dog vomiting.

When there is an inability to absorb sodium

This problem is called hypocalcemia, the inability of the dog's body to absorb sodium from food and water. This disorder, like other diseases, must be diagnosed by a veterinarian.

If your dog suffers from diarrhea, not only will he drink a lot more water, but he will also vomit and suffer from diarrhea, among other signs that require attention. There are several causes of inability to absorb sodium, including kidney failure and certain medications.

When to worry? The occasional vomiting It should not be a distress for you, as it can sometimes be caused by foods that upset your stomach and even by regurgitating food to help you digest them, which is perfectly normal.

Other causes why your dog may vomit

Find out why the dog vomits

In addition to the reasons why you should worry about your dog if he drinks water and vomits, the truth is that there are many more reasons why he can do it, not just those that we have mentioned. And some are important to keep in mind since your pet is giving you a warning.

Therefore, we are going to comment here other reasons why vomiting may occur with water (from the mildest, to those that involve a bit more risk):


Imagine that you have a dog that has just arrived from exercising with you. He has been running, jumping and having fun by your side, and when he gets home he goes straight to his bucket of water and starts drinking. What do you think can happen to it? The most logical thing is that this water does not feel good for him and, in the end, what causes him to vomit because he is very excited and, when he "stuffs himself" with water in that state, his body rejects it.

If that happens to you, you just have to try not to drink water upon arrivalBut give it a little time to recover. You should also bring a bottle of water for him when you're out so that when you stop exercising and relax, he can drink a little so that he doesn't get dehydrated (or water feels bad).


Pancreatitis, like this disease in humans, is a very serious disease that must be treated quickly. And yes, it can be one of the reasons why your dog vomits when drinking water. We explain.

The pancreas is between the stomach and the small intestine. It is responsible for digesting food, but also for controlling blood sugar levels. However, when it does not work well, pain occurs suddenly throughout the abdomen, as if they burned you. Also, you don't want to eat, but you do want to drink. The problem is that the pancreas, being inflamed, sees water as a dangerous substance, and makes you vomit. In fact, even if you have nothing in your stomach, you will be able to vomit a watery liquid (which is mistaken for saliva).


Well yes, something that not many know is that some tumors in the stomach are capable of causing vomiting in dogs when they drink, or also when they eat.

In fact, Depending on where the tumor is located, it may be more frequent (or less), the appearance of vomiting. For example, if it is in the brain, it has an area that is responsible for giving the order to vomit and, if it is pressed on it, the dog will not be able to do anything more than that.


Finally, we want to talk to you about foods, or substances that your dog can eat inside or outside the home and that can cause vomiting. The most normal thing is that be it with food, but also the water itself can be toxic.

For example, when you drink in areas where the water is puddled, or even not potable water. In the case of your home, you must make sure that the bucket or place where the dog has the water is clean, the water is crystal clear, and above all that it does not have worms in it, since that all it will do is harm it (very much) in your body.

Is that why drinking water makes you vomit? It is very likely to happen, because your body rejects water and tries to protect itself against something that is dangerous for it.

What do I do if my dog ​​drinks water and vomits?

Be careful with the water the dog drinks

Now that you know the many causes why your dog drinks water and vomits, it's time to find out what to do if that happens to your pet. Regardless of whether you make an appointment with your veterinarian, it is important that you follow these instructions, because they will help you to know how serious the situation may be.

Check the vomit

Yes, we know. It is not pleasant what we are asking you, but if your dog has drunk water and has vomited, you have to know if there are any signs in that vomit that can put us on alert. For example, in that puddle you've made, is there blood? There is food? Maybe bile?

Depending on what you find, it is advisable to go to a specialist urgently.

See if he repeats it

Many dogs can drink water, vomit, and then go on like nothing. Even go back to drinking water and let nothing happen to him. It is a behavior that, if other symptoms are not noticed, nor is it repeated often, we should not worry too much.

Now, to stay calm, you should observe your dog for a few days. Is it going on as usual? Have you stopped eating? Are you still vomiting? We know you can't keep an eye on it 24 hours a day, but It is recommended that you try to know if you are still having problems and, above all, vomiting for no apparent reason.

Beware of the water

If a dog drinks water and vomits, the worst thing you can do is give him more water (or have access to more). Water is able to irritate the stomach, and cause more vomiting. Therefore, you need to control him and that, for a while, he does not have access to the liquid.

It does not mean that you have it without drinking hours, but it does need your stomach to settle to see if the same thing happens again (and if so, consult your vet).

If it is repeated several times, to the vet!

Normally, a dog can drink water and vomit a couple of times; but afterwards it may feel good. So it's not something you should worry about. Now, that if it only occurs sporadically.

What happens if it starts to be a constant? Well, there you should take action on the matter, and that begins with make an appointment with your vet and tell him what leads you to him. He will probably do some tests to check your digestive system to find the cause and, in case he does not see it and continues with the problem, he will investigate further.

Vomiting can often be a symptom of medical problems; but many others are simply "that he has a bad body at the moment."

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