Stomach pain in dogs

Stomach pain in dogs is a common symptom

Know what does stomach ache mean in dogs it is important, because it can both be a simple indigestion and a more serious ailment that needs treatment. Stomach pain also brings with it many other symptoms, such as vomiting or diarrhea, which can weaken the dog.

If we want to control the dog's state of health, we must take into account that stomach pain it is a common ailment and in most cases it is not seriousBut there are some diseases to be careful with. In any case, when in doubt, we must go to a veterinarian as soon as possible to determine the cause of this pain in the dog's stomach.

How the dog manifests stomach pain

Stomach pain in dogs is a symptom that bothers them

Dogs cannot speak to tell us that their stomach hurts and that they are unwell. This pain is sometimes not easy for its owners to see, especially if it is their first dog and they do not know how their pet expresses himself. The most normal thing when the dog has any illness or discomfort is that it is down, that it does not play and sleep or is lying down more than normal. This apathy is typical of many ailments, so you always have to go a little further. In the case of stomach pain, we must feel and squeeze this part a little. If the stomach is inflamed for whatever reason, the dog will complain or turn away. On the other hand, what is very common with stomach pain are vomiting and diarrhea, since the ailment eventually affects the entire digestive system of the dog. Although it is not pleasant, we must always monitor the dog's feces, because from them we can deduce if he is in good health. An abnormal shade, very dark or very light, or a very runny consistency indicates that something is wrong.

Indigestion in the dog

One of the most common problems that lead to stomach pain is indigestion. As it can happen to any of us, there are foods that do not suit us and dogs tend to eat a lot of things that do not suit them, with which they finally end up with a stomach ache. The way to avoid this is to always give him the same food, so his stomach gets used to it, and also we must give you an adequate amount. Large feasts also bring great indigestion and a heavy stomach, so we must avoid them. It must be understood that the dog tends to eat less than we do, so we should never give it excess food. In addition, if we change his diet abruptly, going from feed to natural foods, it is normal for his stomach to suffer for a few days until he adapts to the new diet. In all these cases there is no need to be alarmed. The dog will rest and fasting for a few hours until he has an appetite again is enough. Of course, your next intake should be light, so as not to overload the stomach, which is still delicate. If we consult with our veterinarian, he can even recommend something to calm his stomach.

Parasites in the stomach

It is very common for dogs to contract parasites, especially if they have a habit of eating other dogs' feces, which may be contaminated. These parasites create inflammation in the stomach with diarrhea and vomiting. So that this does not become a problem, we must keep our dog dewormed. The way to do this is by providing a pill to deworm inside, which is sold in veterinarians. They can give us an idea on how often we should give it to them. In puppies it is mandatory before starting to give vaccines, since these parasites that they contract can weaken them. It is important to deworm them urgently when we already see worms in their stools, because that means they have many, since they have spread through the intestine.

Stomach twisting

If there is a problem that we must avoid at all costs, it is stomach torsion. A stomach ache can lead to this, which occurs when the stomach turns on itself strangling. This is a disease that must be operated on immediately, because it can lead to the death of the dog in a short time. It is not so frequent that it happens but there are possibilities, so in the event of a stomach pain that seems to get worse it is better to go to the vet to do a health check on our pet. In addition, stomach torsion can be avoided to a great extent if we feed the dog in small intakes, since torsion occurs with copious meals. That is why it is always better to make the dog eat more times a day but not much, since it will sit better and we will avoid unnecessary risks.

What to do if my dog ​​has a stomach ache

Without a doubt, one of the worst situations you can go through with your dog is seeing that he is sick. The fact that they cannot speak means that, if you are not attentive to the behavior of the animal, do not realize that something is wrong.

Stomach pain usually causes, as a first reaction, stopping eating. It is a very obvious sign since, although there are times when dogs may not want to eat, it is not usual and it warns you that something is wrong.

Being downcast, not wanting to play, not wanting to leave the house, or even cry or complain, or not let you touch the belly area, are other reactions that your dog will have when he has a stomach ache (or any other problem ).

But what to do in those situations? Well, we have divided it into two parts:

First performances

The first actions when you notice that something happens to your dog is to spend time with him or her and see what can happen to him. I mean, watch it. It is important see if the problem is stomach or is it from something else.

If he doesn't want to eat, try offering him something he likes. The normal thing is that the animal eats it, and that it looks for more. But if you see that he takes it reluctantly, that he takes time to eat it and that you also do not notice an improvement in his behavior, something is wrong.

Normally, a soft diet should cure you, but there are times when a professional is needed to assess your case. So, if after 2-3 days, the animal does not see that it improves, what you should do is the following.

If it doesn't improve ...

Several days have passed and your dog is still the same. Or have you seen that, among its symptoms, there are some that alert you (such as vomiting blood, or bloody stools, that you notice it off, that it does not wake up ...).

Don't be alarmed, but it's time to go to the vet. There, the professional will be in charge of doing some quick tests to find out what can happen to you. And what evidence can that be? The first thing, to touch the part of the belly to see if everything is correct. For example, your belly is swollen and very hard.

Then you may have a test for internal parasites. This is easily done with a cotton swab inserted in the anal area as this way they see if there is little worms. Normally in the stool they can be seen. If so, you will have to take a medication that eliminates that problem (and calms the stomach pain).

The following may be a blood test. There are two types, a fast one where the results are obtained in just 5-10 minutes, and another that takes 1-2 days to arrive.

Another option is to do an ultrasound, to see if there are any more serious problems.

All this will depend on the symptoms and causes that have caused your dog to get to the vet, so keep in mind everything that has happened so that you have gone to the consultation.

Home remedies for canine stomach pain

Young dogs need a lot of love if they have a stomachache

In addition to the veterinary and medical treatments that exist for dog stomach pain, there are also home remedies that you can try In order to relieve your best friend.

We propose some of them that, sure, will come in handy and by trying them you do not lose anything but you will relieve your pet a little.

They are:

Don't give him anything

One day of canine fasting nothing happens. In fact, when we have stomach problems, the first thing the doctor tells us is not to consume anything but serum for 24 hours. And it's the same thing you can do with your dog.

I mean, don't give him food, but yeah provide water, if it can be with serum, so that it is hydrated.

A special meal

Another of the home remedies that you can try is to give him a special food that helps his digestion (and also that is not heavy or does not feel bad). You have several options, and it will depend on what the dog is used to eating, since sometimes they do not tolerate it. But for example, you have carrots, honey, rolled oats, pumpkin, chicken breast, turkey, white fish ...

Some of these foods will have to be boiled or cooked, in addition to breaking them into small pieces for them to eat.

Another option is white rice (a white rice soup with carrots is not a bad idea). The problem is, if you are constipated, this is not the best.

Aloe vera to drink

As you know, in the market there are already bottles of aloe vera to drink. These are sold and recommended, for example, to take a cap or two on an empty stomach and then, if you want, repeat the intake throughout the day (some people drink it whole in a few days).

You have to know that Aloe vera helps, and a lot, to improve your health. For starters, it improves your metabolism and digestion, calms inflammation, helps with gastritis, you have less burning ... And what about your dog that has a stomach ache? Well, it can also help you.

For him to drink it, there are two options: either you put a little in the water he drinks, or, if he likes it, you give it to him directly. We are talking about a natural plant, so it shouldn't hurt.


A behavior that many dogs have, and that you may have seen often, is that they look for herbs and eat them. To, after a little, start vomiting. Many scold them, or don't want them to do that, and it's actually the best they can do because they heal themselves.

Yes, the eating herbs helps them to expel what causes them pain, and they do it because it is their defensive system for that problem. So it may be a way to help you.

To do this, you will have to get some herbs. For example, you have catmint (or called catnip), but dill, basil, fennel also usually help ... You can consult the vet and he will tell you the best options and how to give them in case he does not eat them on his own.


Finally, we can tell you about kefir that you already know is a fermented milk drink. Well, this one has probiotics that help gastrointestinal problems. And it can be an option for your pet.

Of course, not all accept it so perhaps it is a remedy that will depend on whether your dog tolerates drinking something like this (many end up vomiting it, do not open their mouth, etc.).

Tips to avoid stomach pain

Apathy is a symptom of stomach pain in dogs

The vast majority of stomach aches in dogs can be avoided. It is true that we cannot always control if they have parasites, but we can keep an eye on the dog so that it does not eat anything on the outside. It is always necessary to avoid that the dog eat things in the street, since we do not know if they are contaminated or in bad condition, something that can lead to indigestion or poisoning. Having controlled the space in which we release it and the dog is always important.

On the other hand, when feeding the dog it is always better not to vary the feed, that it is of quality, or to accustom them from small to home food if it is the type of food that we are always going to give. You have to be very clear about the amount of food we can give him, since an excess can give them stomach pain. In addition, it is always better to feed him several times in small amounts than just at one time. To know the amount of food that is recommended according to their activity, their weight and their age, it is better to consult with the veterinarian.

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