When to use Primperan

Primperan is a veterinary medicine

El Primperan is a medicine indicated for when intestinal problems appear. It is a drug that is suitable for children and adults, and also for dogs, since many veterinarians recommend it.

While it is true that dogs usually have their own medications, there are some for humans that can be used in the same way in dogs, always under the prescription of the vet and respecting the doses, which can vary. This medicine is well known for helping the stomach to reset itself when there are problems.

What is Primperan

Dogs that vomit sometimes drink primperan

The generic form of this drug is metoclopramide, and it is defined as an antiemetic. This means that what the drug does is inhibit the action of vomiting and nausea when we feel bad. It is normally used to prevent nausea from treatments or to treat nausea and vomiting that can occur for different reasons, from migraines to poisoning. This drug has been formulated for humans, although many veterinarians extend its use to dogs because it does not affect them negatively and the effects are the same as in people.

Before giving Primperan

Medications can cause problems for dogs that have any pathology or problem, so first of all we should never administer a medication without the instructions and supervision of the veterinarian. This medicine is not normally recommended when there are allergy problems to the components, when there are stomach problems such as perforations or bleeding, when there is epilepsy or problems with the kidneys or heart. In any case, the veterinarian must carry out an evaluation of the general state of health of the dog before administering the medications to be sure that they do not cause any problem that can be aggravated.

Why does the dog vomit

There are many different causes why dogs can vomit. If it is something specific and we see that he does not vomit again and continues eating normally simply something will have made him wrong. You have to feel the stomach to see if it feels pain. But on many occasions vomiting is related to diseases that aggravate the situation since they come from some strong viruses that even endanger the life of the dog such as parvovirus or distemper. In these cases the visit to the vet should be imminent, since the Primperan will only help them to vomit less but will not cure the dog.

The dog may also vomit because it has Stomach problems, like heartburn or just a delicate stomach. In these cases, it will be essential to adapt the dog's diet and use quality feed, some of which are formulated for the most sensitive dogs or for those with allergies.

Another cause of vomiting can be internal parasites. Dogs must be dewormed internally and externally from time to time, so this should be kept up to date. If they have many internal parasites they will cause problems in the intestines and stomach that can lead to vomiting and diarrhea.

La dog diet It can also lead to stomach problems, especially if we change it suddenly. The dog will have adapted from a young age to a type of diet and if we change it or it is deficient it can make it not tolerate certain foods and end up vomiting, although in these cases with a readjustment of the diet we will have everything under control.

Another thing that can happen if we see that the dog has constant vomiting is that has been poisoned. In this case we must always go to the vet to give him medication and act quickly, as some poisons can endanger the life of the dog. The Primperan will help you recover once you have been treated for the poison.

When to worry

Primperan is used when the dog has a lot of vomiting and diarrhea, which le can lead to dehydration. If it is a puppy or an older dog, the situation is even more worrying, since they are more vulnerable to these situations. In any case, when the problem is linked to a more serious illness, you should go to the vet. And if we do not know how to recognize the cause of vomiting, it is important to do a medical check-up to find out the cause, either due to food or a virus.

How to administer Primperan

The drug Primperan should be administered according to weight and depending on the dog's needs. It will be the veterinarian who should give us a guideline to administer it and not go overboard with the dose, since it is not the same for puppies as for adult dogs and weight also matters. Once we have the guidelines, we must give the syrup in the form in which they have prescribed us. In cases where the dog is very ill, the vet can prick the dog to make it easier to administer and take effect sooner. Follow up with the vet to see if the dog improves with treatment.

Other measures

Ensuring the good health of our dog is the final motivation to administer a treatment like Primperan, which focuses on a single problem. Usually vomiting is usually caused by many other things and in those cases it should be the veterinarian who prescribes another treatment that complements that of Primperan. When the problem is stomach, other measures should be carried out that seek to restore the dog's health.

One of the things that must be taken into account is undoubtedly the dog's diet. In these moments when he is feeling ill, he will surely not eat much, but we can give you fluids that have mineral salts to help you rehydrate. On the other hand, the diet must begin to be administered carefully, with foods such as cooked rice and cooked chicken. This type of diet will help you improve and regain strength while the Primperan will have stopped vomiting so that the dog does not lose more nutrients and fluids. The set of guidelines is what will help the dog to recover little by little. Ultimately the Primperan is an aid that must be taken into account in this type of case.

Reactions that your dog may have with Primperan

Take care of your dog if he is weak

Know that, like it or not, buts, like humans, can react in a positive way to taking medications, or not. In other words, you may find that it gives you problems and the remedy is worse than the disease. In the case of a dog with the Primperan, it is very unusual for reactions to occur in the animal when it takes it, but we cannot ignore that they occur.

Therefore, here we are going to tell you what are the ones that can happen. If it happens, it is best to suspend the treatment and consult with the veterinarian since he could give some other alternatives to this type of medication, or even propose other less conventional treatments.

Among the reactions are: incoordination of the body, abnormal posture, tremors, drowsiness, diarrhea, inability to stand, increased blood pressure, restlessness, aggressiveness, etc.

All these situations should put you on alert as they could indicate that your pet is "allergic" to any of the components and, therefore, cannot take it. Nevertheless, side reactions can sometimes result that, when the treatment is suspended, or it is maintained at a lower dose, they do not appear. In fact, in the event that your dog suffers from any of them, it will pass in a short time (the drug is eliminated within 24 hours of its intake).

Alternatives to Primperan

Many owners are not in favor of giving the dog medication, or they try to make it as natural as possible. In fact, in the case of Primperan, there are home remedies that can be just as effective (or more) than the medicine itself. The problem is that they are not as well known as this.

One of the first home remedies is infusions. There is no doubt that when a dog vomits, it may be due to a discomfort in the digestive tract, which causes vomiting. Therefore, using herbs that help calm the digestive system can solve vomiting problems in the animal. In this case, you can go to a herbalist to give you a mixture of herbs and prepare an infusion. You will not drink it hot, but it will be cold since you will drink it as water. You have to try to get him to drink a little, without forcing him.

Another option, also medical, is the use of another type of medicine to stop vomiting. Primperan is the best known, but veterinarians have other options such as Metoclopramide, Cleboril, etc. Of course, before making use of these it is advisable to consult an expert as it could be the case that these are not the most suitable for your dog due to its health, problems, etc.

What not to do with your dog when he vomits

Primperan is a drug that is sometimes prescribed by veterinarians

Getting your dog sick is not a pleasant situation for anyone. In fact, you can worry too much and want everything to go back to normal. The problem is that, sometimes we tend to act in a way that is not correct. Therefore, we are going to comment on everything you should not do if your dog vomits.

Give you medication without consulting

It is important that any type of medicine or treatment goes through an expert first. The vet can know if what you want to give him is the best he can take since, sometimes, you can give him something that puts his health at riskTaking into account that when you vomit you may be weaker and your immune system may be altered, the reactions are dangerous.

Even with alternative remedies, it can be interesting to give the vet a background since he can know if some of the components of these remedies are counterproductive for your pet.

Wait for it to pass

Yes and no. A dog vomiting is not a sign that something serious is wrong. It may be that the food has made you sick, that you feel unwell, or a thousand other things. The problem is if the vomiting occurs several times, or if it is "abnormal." When that happens, You can not wait or think that you will take it the next day.

In a way, the best thing you can do is call the vet and consult him. The expert will be able to tell you what to do, whether to send him a photo of the vomit, go to the consultation or simply monitor his condition in case it worsens.

Not feed him

It is common. When a dog vomits, it is thought that it should not eat "to clean itself from the inside." But it can backfire.

Now, it is also not advisable to give him the same diet as always, but a lighter, light or homemade one, such as a little white rice with York ham, a rice soup, etc. that helps to settle the stomach and let's see if it improves its state of health (and especially if it retains food and water in the stomach).

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