When to give a puppy kibble?

Give your puppy kibbles from two months

The dog is a charming animal, very tender, mischievous, affectionate, sweet… But in order for it to continue growing it will be necessary that when we wean it we give it another type of food. For your own sake, it is very important that you gradually get used to the feed, which is the quintessential dog food.

From weaning, that is, after 20 days, the puppy has to start eating semi-solid food, since otherwise they would end up starving. Therefore, the ideal is to give wet food for puppies or I think specific for puppiesYour teeth are still in formation and it will be easier for you to chew and swallow.

The puppy food must be very rich in protein

An alternative is to soak the dry dog ​​food (croquettes) with water or warm milk, or with boneless chicken broth. We will give you 4 or 5 five times a day, and we can even leave the trough full - only if we give him dry feed - so that he can eat whenever he needs it.

During the first week that we are giving you this type of food, we will give you only once a day and then we will let her drink her mother's milk or the bottle in case she is absent. From the second it will be twice / day, and from the third it will be three / day.

With 45 days, the puppy will already be weaned and will be able to eat only semi-solid food, at least until two months, which will be when we can give him dry food or kibble for puppies. If we see that it is difficult for you to chew, it is very important to soak it in water or chicken broth, since this will soften it.

So that you have a excellent growth and developmentIt is necessary to give them a quality feed that does not have cereals but does have a high percentage of animal protein. Thus, you can enjoy very good health.

How much do I think should be given to a puppy?

A way to know the amount of kibble your puppy requires, is taking as a guide the table of the food package for dogs. It is important that the calculation of the dose is always carried out according to the months and weight.

At this stage it is essential that the amount of feed daily is divided into 4 equal portions, due to the nutritional and developmental needs demanded by the puppy.

When in doubt, it is essential to have the guidance of the veterinarian who will not only help you with the amounts of food, but also it will monitor the weight and general development of your pet.

What are month-old puppies to eat?

A puppy should be breastfed from birth to 6 to 8 weeks oldWhen it is recommended to wean and in this sense it is vital for the digestive and general health of your pet, that you respect the time to eliminate breast milk as much as possible. Remember that it provides the nutrients it needs for its proper development.

Your little dog will start to show an interest in solid dog food, such as small kibble, around the first month, so at this stage you can start it with special food for puppies.

For example, dry food can be introduced in very small portions, in principle wet with a little water and crushed like mush. The humidity level must gradually decrease so that your digestive system adapts to the drier food each time.

You can also offer wet food for puppies after the month and always alternated with mother's milk until weaning.

How to feed a two-month-old puppy kibble?

After two months still in the process of adapting to croquettes, so you must supply them a little wet to facilitate their digestion, the amount of daily dry food that you have to provide is vital.

That is why after two months the vet will recommend 4 meals a day, which would be more than enough to cover your nutritional requirements. If there is any specific need to cover due to the breed of your canine, the specialist will let you know and there is the importance of having this guide.

What is the best food for a puppy?

The best food for the first two months is breast milk, since it provides the nutrients and other elements, which contribute to its development and good health.

Now, the best food for your puppy after the weaning stage is going to be the one that complies with the nutritional and health demands of this, depending on their size and breed.

For example, if you are a large breed, the first solid food to choose should contain ingredients and nutrients that are capable of meet the needs of a dog in this category. For this it is important that you know the approximate weight of their breed in adulthood, if you do not know it, consult the veterinarian.

Now if it is a small breed, you have to take into account other aspects when choosing the starter feedIn addition to having a suitable nutritional composition for this category of dogs, it must also adapt the size of the croquettes to the jaw of these to promote chewing. Here are some specific feed for puppies that can serve you.

How do you make the change of food in puppies?

This change It must be done gradually, avoiding causing digestion problems for your pet.. The first two to three weeks should be fed only breast milk, from there the porridges mixed with breast milk until the feed is moistened with water only from the fourth week.

At two months the puppy will be started with the croquettesIf you have adopted it, the breeder must tell you that I think it is supplying it so that you can continue with it or evaluate if it needs a better quality one. Preferably it should be high in meat content.

If you are going to make changes to the type of feed, you must mix the old with the new, starting the first three days with 75% of the old and 25% of the new, then in equal parts the next 3 days, 25% of the old and 75% of the new the next 3 days, until finally the new food is left .

Monitor your dog's reaction to the new food. In addition to different signs of an upset stomach that may appear, you also you should monitor your dog's feces. If it appears runny or abnormally soft, or if your dog is showing other signs of an upset stomach, slow down this process and give him more time to adjust.

If you see that your dog does not tolerate the new food, it could be that the new dog food contains ingredients that your dog has intolerance or allergy. If you continue to have trouble changing your puppies' food, or if their stools contain blood or an unusual color, you should see a vet.

What is the best time to switch from puppy to adult food?

Puppies should drink breast milk for two months

To make this change from puppy food to adult food, your dog must be physically mature and this is going to be defined by factors such as race and age.

  • Between 9 and 12 months for small, mini and medium breeds

  • Between 12 and 15 months in large breeds.

  • Between 18 and 24 months when they are giant breeds like a Great dane.

When do dog puppies start eating I think?

It depends a lot on the breed and the growth rate of the animal itself. For example, those dogs that are going to be large, enjoy a slightly longer childhood than those that are smaller. For this reason, a Chihuahua puppy can start eating dry food at two months, but a Great Dane will need some more time (days) until his teeth have developed enough to be able to chew his food well.

If we talk about wet feed, any dog ​​of any breed can begin to be fed this type of food after a month and a half of life. To help him, you can give him porridge from time to time.

How to make baby food for 20-day-old puppies?

The porridge is an excellent way to help the puppy in the food transition and from the third week of life, where They advance to a stage where physical and emotional growth are going to be evident.

Your stomach will be more mature and will be ready to receive the porridges, which you can prepare as follows:

Choose puppy food and mix 30% of it with 70% of mother's milk, and grind the feed to give it the right consistency. Now it is ready to give it to the puppy, initially replacing only one of the breast milk intakes.

What to feed a puppy if I do not have feed?

If you have stayed or do not have I think at this moment, can you give him natural food. The meat that you buy in the supermarket, if you cook it a little and add, for example, one or two carrots, half a zucchini and a little turmeric, it will be a good dish for your puppy.

Another very simple recipe to make is this: cook about 200 grams of beef, and then add 20 grams of chard, carrot and everything bathed in a little oil.

Special Considerations and Additional Tips

Puppies should eat feed for themselves

If your vet has recommended therapeutic puppy food for a specific type of health problem, be sure to analyze the switch to the new food, such as kibbles, in full detail, as there may be some special considerations and suggestions regarding the transition schedule to ensure success.

For whatever reason you need to change your puppy's food, doing it little by little is the best way to ensure that his change is successful. Remember that whenever you make a decision about the health of your pet, you should consult your vet and comply with the recommended feeding guidelines that come on the packaging of pet food.

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