The best dog diapers for every situation

Reusable diapers are very good with the environment

Dog diapers are a very specific product to treat things like incontinence or old age, but also to help train the puppies to wait to go to the bathroom and not to leave the house, throw some foxes.

In this article We will see the different types of diapers for dogs, as well as their uses and some tips when choosing and using them. These are diapers made with the same characteristics of protection, odor control and comfort that you already know, but that fit the anatomy of your dog.

They are disposable and come by sizes without disturbing mobilityIn addition to this, they leave free space for the tail and the two hind legs, so they are ideal to prevent dogs that are in the process of acquiring habits from damaging the corners of the furniture or the walls of your house.

The best diaper for dogs

Pack of 3 reusable diapers

This pack with three reusable dog diapers has everything you need to avoid accidents and scares on upholstery, rugs and sofas. They are made of a very absorbent fabric and have an elastic band at the waist to be able to hold them better. They are especially aimed at bitches in heat (that is, with menstruation) and of a rather small size, although there are several sizes and models available, from the most serious to the most striking (the cartoon ones are very cute).

In the comments it is highlighted that, although they are an excellent product, only take losses, not large amounts of pee.

Reusable Male Dog Diapers

These diapers are not designed for females, as they are attached like a kind of belt that covers their puffy parts. Obviously, they are not designed to poop either (dogs don't usually go belly in a diaper unless they have fecal incontinence), just pee. They are very comfortable, since you can adjust them completely with the velcro, and they have two layers of fabric to retain the pee. In addition, they are available in various sizes and colors.

Single-use diapers for males

Amazon Basics always has good quality products at a great price, like this pack of 30 disposable diapers for male dogs. They can be adjusted to a certain extent for your pet, although you have to make sure of the correct size by taking a look at the table with the recommended measurements and sizes. The good thing about this product is that it changes color when the dog has peed, so you will know immediately if it is time to change it.

Trixie Disposable Diaper Pack

Trixie, the German brand specialized in pets, offers you this interesting pack of single-use diapers for males. They are developed with the help of a veterinarian, in addition, they have an elastic band to adapt them as much as possible to your dog's waist, in addition to having several sizes available. In addition, it is used for very abundant pee.

Washable diaper for female

Another example of diapers for dogs, in this case females, who suffer from incontinence or who have had their period. This pack comes with three included diapers that you can wash by hand or machine. They fit very well, as they have an elastic band and velcro on both sides, as well as a hole through which to get the tail and make it as comfortable as possible. Finally, this product is available in various models and colors.

Super absorbent diaper for females

For those who have a dog with incontinence problems, andThese Trixie Brand Disposable Diapers Are Ideal. Although some comments say that the size is somewhat fair, all highlight its great absorption power, since it keeps the animal dry and, of course, does not penetrate. They have a hole through which the tail passes and that they are more comfortable: to make sure that the pee does not escape there and adjust it better, glue the two ends of the hole that are left with a little adhesive tape (being careful not to catch the hair).

Underpads for dogs

Finally, a product that is not a diaper itself, but something very similar: a soaker. It is like a disposable diaper that you put on the floor so that your dog can relieve himself above and do not leave it all lost. This not only absorbs very well, but it has a good size and four adhesives to be able to fix it on the ground and prevent it from moving, thus avoiding more scares. As we said, they are for single use and in each pack there are 30.

What are dog diapers for?

A dog with a disposable diaper


We suppose that we do not need to tell you what is the use of diapers for dogs, although it can be useful for first-time dog companions to know the reasons why it can be useful to use them. In all cases, however, It is recommended that if you see that your dog is leaking, you take it to the vet beforehand to make sure it receives the best treatment..

  • Diapers are made of material resistant to loads and odors. They fit the body of your pet as they come in sizes S, L and XL.
  • Conclusion ultra absorbent and there are both for male and female, part of that are ideal for the heat of the females.
  • These diapers feature an adjustable shape at the waist with adhesive tape to prevent spillage. Its center is totally absorbent and has edges that allow the animal to breathe without bothering it.

The average of duration of a dog diaper is six to eight hours according to size and weight. There are disposable and reusable models, the latter come in washable or cloth materials with an internal pad to hold loads.

The first time you try to put your dog in a diaper it is very important to give it to smell, since this will depend on whether it gains confidence or resists using it.

That is why it is advisable to make this first diaper a pleasurable experience. Call your pet and start playing with him spontaneously, little by little allow him to sniff the material and begin to put it on his back legs, then delicately adjust the bands to the sides without hurting him.

At first you will walk carefully because of the sensation of foreign material on your body, but little by little he will get used to it.

For older dogs

When one gets older, ailments appear, something common in both people and animals. Dogs that are already a certain age may suffer urine leakage, either because it is very difficult for them to go outside to relieve themselves., because they can't control as well or for other age-related reasons.

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence not only appears in older dogs, it can also be the symptom of diseases that can affect all types of dogs, for example, a urinary tract infection, diabetes ... As we said, don't just put diapers on the dog, take him to the vet to decide what the incontinence is due to and what is the best treatment.

To train puppies

Just as diapers are necessary when dogs get older, they are also very useful at the beginning of life. You can use them during training, to prevent your pet from leaking the pee and messing it up, until he learns to hold on.

Given the anatomical differences between dogs and female dogs diapers are anatomically adjustable for bothIn the case of dogs, the bands that stick and that are on the edges can be extended or reduced according to the width of the circumference of your dog's waist, while in the case of females it is much more practical and comfortable .

For male puppies they are ideal when they begin to relieve themselves at home; The use of the diaper prevents spills and ensures that they adapt easily to be controlled until it is time for the walk.

Females in heat

Diapers also prevent females in heat from leaving stains throughout the house, with what they are a habitual element for those who have dogs without neuter, since it is then when to the dogs comes the rule.

Whether for a Chihuahua, Labrador or Maltese dog, the dog diaper is essential for a healthy lifestyle. So if you are a dog owner and you don't know how much diapers cost or how to put them on, the best way to find out is by considering the brands, breed and size of your pet.

The size of your dog is vital to find the model of the suitable diaper that fits him. To do this, measure your pet's waist and then refer to the instructions for the proper diaper.

If you are looking for a large dog diaper, you can quickly choose an L size dog diaper.

The morphology of the dog is different according to its sex, so it is necessary to take into account the sex of your dog (male or female) to choose the diaper that fits best. Pet stores offer a wide variety of diapers for dogs.

Types of dog diapers

Colored diapers

Release There are two main types of diapers for dogs, which can be better or worse according to our needs.

  • Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. disposable diapers they tend to be somewhat cheaper, but since they are single-use, they are quite harmful to the environment. On the other hand, if your dog has a problem for which he has to wear a diaper for a short time, they may be an option to consider.
  • Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. washable diapers They are made of fabric and they are that, washable. Although it is a bummer to have to be aware of washing them and they are somewhat more expensive than single-use ones, the truth is that they are much better for the environment and in the long run they end up cheaper, since they can be used many times. They are ideal for dogs that need long-term diapers.

For dogs with incontinence

Urinary Incontinence Dog Diaper with Belly Strap

If you are looking for diapers that protect your pet from the incontinence they may suffer, we recommend that you look for those trouser models that are beautiful, practical and soft.

This model is one of the most used by small dogsas they fit well and prevent spillage on their thin legs. Remember that when your dog has urinary incontinence, he will start urinating everywhere without wanting to do so, so he must wear this diaper.

This model has the particularity of be made with a very soft fabric to offer optimal comfort to your pet. In addition to its softness, you will also be surprised by its good support thanks to a touch of quality and practicality. So if this was the model you were looking for, you can buy it here.

Cotton hygienic briefs

dog with reusable and washable panties found in packs of two units

For an incontinent dog or a bitch in heat, nothing better than these hygienic pants. In fact, the hygienic use of these panties can protect your home; be it your sofa, the floor or the cushions.

It is a hygienic and comfortable model, in addition to being beautiful for your pet.

Pleasant to wear, your dog will adopt it immediately thanks to its softness. The main advantage of these panties is their Velcro closure that offers better protection.

It is important that from the first moment you induce your dog not to fear or not to resist its use, to the extent that you do it, the easier it will adapt and thus will feel a great sense of comfort when using it.

The size is adjust according to the measurement of the circumference of your pet's stomach, it can be S, ML or XL. In short, they are magnificent panties that will not disappoint you and you can easily choose them by clicking here.

Ecological diapers

Ecological Pet Diaper

The diaper market has also sought use of more noble materials that favor the care and preservation of the the environment And all thanks to materials such as velcro, diapers turn out to be cheaper.

It must be borne in mind that a child uses more than 1000 diapers in his life and if to this figure we now add the use of diapers for pets, the number of material thrown into natural spaces would considerably increase.

In that sense it is recommended in addition to the use of ecological diapers, diapers that can be washed, since they reduce waste considerably. These diapers are in size S, in pink or blue and you can find it No products found..

Tips when putting on the diaper

Dog with blue cloth diaper


The fact putting the diaper on our dog can be confusing, at least the first few times. That is why these tips may be useful to you:

  • Check the size before you buy them. A diaper that is too large or too small can be very uncomfortable.
  • Make sure it is the correct product, as there are diapers for males and females and even depending on the breed.
  • Si does not hold well in placeConsider buying a kind of harness that is used to better fit the diaper.
  • Change it right away let your pet dirty it. In addition to being unpleasant, leaving your dog in a dirty diaper can cause skin irritations.
  • Clean her bottom before and after changing her diaper with a small humid towel.
  • Get him used to the diaper letting him smell it and giving him treats as you put it on.

Where to buy dog ​​diapers

A single-use diaper is ideal for specific situations


There is a lots of different places where you can buy dog ​​diapers, either in specialized or general stores.

  • First of all, in Amazon You will find a large number of diapers of all kinds, from disposable to washable, for females, males ... also, if you have contracted their Prime service, you will have them at home in a very short time.
  • Another of the most common places to buy this type of product are the online stores for animals like Kiwoko or TiendaAnimal. They not only have high-quality products there, but they can advise you if necessary.
  • Finally, in some veterinarians They also have diapers and pads. Although it is one of the places that is usually more expensive, it is also where they can advise you much better, since they are professionals.

We hope we have helped you find the perfect dog diapers for your pet. Tell us, has your dog ever had to carry it? Do you have any tricks to put them on or take them out? What type of diaper was best for you?

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