Children and dogs: tips for a good coexistence

Girl hugging a dog.

A good relationship between our pet and the little ones in the house is essential to achieve a good coexistence; But for this to be possible, the intervention of an adult is necessary. We must impose certain basic rules so that they respect each other and play without harming each other. These are some of the keys that will help us achieve this goal.

First of all, we must teach the niño a respect the dog's space, and vice versa. It must be taken into account that the little one can adopt annoying habits for the animal, such as hugging it too hard or bringing its face close to the muzzle. It is very important that we explain how you should treat the pet, caressing it gently, without pulling its hair or scratching it. Otherwise, the dog could react by biting.

It will help us, throughout this process, involve the child in the daily care of the dog. He could, for example, take care of brushing his hair, filling his water dish and accompanying us when we walk him. All this under our supervision.

This respect must also exist on the part of the animal. We have to show him what his limits are, supervising the game between them and scolding him when he reacts negatively. A firm "NO" will suffice, while we force him to stay away from the child for a few minutes.

It is also important that the dog has your own space, where you can take shelter when you don't want to be disturbed. We can prepare a corner for it, placing your bed and toys in it. We must teach the child to respect this area.

However, in some cases all this is not enough, requiring the intervention of a professional trainer. If we notice signs of aggressiveness in our dog, it is best that we consult an expert to rule out any future problems.

Taking these measures we will achieve that our dog establishes a good relationship with the children of the house, offering the little ones a unique experience and allowing them to enjoy the many benefits that daily contact with an animal brings them.

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