The Best Dog Blankets of All Kinds

A dog takes shelter in the folds of a blanket

Dog blankets not only fulfill their function as protectors of the sofa or to make our best friend's bed warmer and cozier, but they fulfill many other functions, such as providing warmth, but also coolness and comfort.

Por eso It is vital to know, in addition to the different types of blankets for dogs, how to choose the best product for our dog. Today we will see it, and we will also tell you the best products that you can get from Amazon so that your choice is perfect. Since we are here, and that the heat will soon begin to tighten, we also recommend this other article about the best cooling mats for dogs.

The best blanket for dogs

Pack of three very soft patterned blankets

There is no doubt that this pack of three blankets for dogs is one of the most highly valued products to cover our pet and protect it from the cold from Amazon. In addition to being able to choose the size (S, M and L) you also have a lot of patterns to choose from, which one is cuter, with multicolored dots, footprints, little elephants... So that you can easily compare the sizes, you can check a comparator in the section of product images. And, of course, they are so soft and pleasant that the seller compares them to soaking in a bath of warm milk.

Blanket so that the hairs do not stick

If you are looking for a blanket where hair does not stick, make no mistake: it is more difficult than asking your dog to go get your bread at the supermarket downstairs. Possibly one of the best options you have is this mattress pad that can also be used as a blanket (or rather quilt), with a soft touch, but in which the hairs will not stick so easily. Also, it can be cleaned quite easily with a damp cloth.

Cooling blankets for the summer

We have already talked on other occasions about refreshing blankets, which, thanks to the gel that they include inside, allow your pet to cool off in summer. This is especially recommended because you can use it both outside and inside, in addition, it cools by body contact (that is, when the animal lies down on it) and it is foldable, making it very easy to store.

Super warm thermal blankets

And we go with a blanket that is totally the opposite, since what it does is reflect body heat to keep the dog (which has to be small in this case) warm thanks to a metal sheet that it has inside, with which It is especially recommended for those dogs more cold. You just have to put it on the floor or on top of his bed. In addition, this model can be easily washed in the washing machine with cold water.

Olfactory mats for fun

We have also talked on other occasions about olfactory blankets, with which your dog can not only have a good time sniffing, but they are also highly recommended to relieve stress, exercise the mind and sense of smell and, of course, have fun. This model is especially beautiful, and it is also available in various colors. Its operation is very simple, since you only have to put prizes between the strands so that your dog looks for them with its snout.

Large two-meter blankets for dogs

This dog blanket is not big, it is gigantic: two meters on one side by one and a half meters on the other. Although some comments say that it is very thin, and therefore cannot be used as a bed, the truth is that many others highlight a very pleasant touch, like a stuffed animal, as well as that it is very soft. In addition, there are several colors available for you to choose the one that best suits your dog or your house: gray, pink, blue or white.

Very soft small blanket

Since we've talked about big blankets, let's give small blankets like this a round of applause: soft, available in various colors (cream, blue, and gray) and sizes (not just small, by the way), this blanket is ideal for use on the sofa, on your bed or even on the floor, and so warm and pleasant that your pet will surely not want to separate from it for a moment.

Types of dog blankets

A puppy on a white blanket

There are many types of dog blankets, each with its own function, so it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose the best among so many offers. Before giving you some tips to do it, we show you the different types:


Thermal blankets, as their name suggests, are a type of mat that allows your pet to retain body heat. Broadly speaking, there are two types: those that are heated by the animal's own weight and those that do so by connecting to the current, like an electric mat. Choosing one or the other will depend largely on how your dog is. If it is very hot, for the winter better one that is not connected to the current or even normal. On the other hand, if the poor guy gets cold right away, it might be a good idea to buy him an electric one.


In the antipodes of the thermal blankets there are the cooling blankets for dogs, which, as their name indicates, They provide coolness and are ideal for summer. Normally these types of blankets are like a kind of mattress filled with a gel that cools itself or by putting it in the freezer. They are something very useful (and in some cases almost mandatory) for those breeds of dogs that have the worst time in the heat, such as huskies.

Blankets give dogs warmth and comfort

Of hair

Fur rugs are the most pleasant to the touch, as they are made of a fabric that looks like just that, fur. Some dogs (and many humans) love to feel this touch (who knows if it takes them back to when they were adorable puppies sleeping with their mother), with which this type of blankets are the order of the day.


The plush blankets they also have a very nice touch (in fact, touch is one of the things that can determine whether or not your dog likes a blanket), although they are not as thick as fur. They are recognizable because, if you touch them against the grain, the color changes slightly. They are the most versatile on this list, since, in addition to folding very well (the fur ones, as usual, are bulkier) they are suitable for most seasons of the year and on top of that they have many different designs.


And we end with olfactory rugs, the funniest blankets for your dog. The function of these is that your dog exercises the sense of smell. They are very easy to use, since you only have to hide prizes between the strips of cloth so that your pet, helped only by his nose, finds them and eats them.

How to choose the most suitable dog blanket

There are many types of blankets, if they are soft and light, the better

Now that we have seen the different types of blankets for dogs, let's see some tips for choosing the product more appropriate.


Evidently the measurement is one of the first things to take into account if you want to buy a blanket. If it's too big, your dog will get lost in the fabric and may be uncomfortable. On the other hand, a blanket that is too small will not fulfill its function, which can even be a hindrance.


Once you have decided on the measure, the time has come to think about what exactly you want the blanket for. If it is for the summer, choose a refreshing blanket, one of those with cold gel. If it is for winter, a thermal. If you want the dog to improve its sense of smell, an olfactory one. And, if you want an all-rounder, there's nothing like a plush blanket: they're soft, super cute and just as good for a torn as for a ripped.


It seems silly, but as my mother used to say (who never, ever allowed me to choose white Victoria sneakers) black and blue are very long-suffering colors… unless you have a white dog. Keep in mind that depending on its fur, the hair that the animal sheds, something inevitable in this type of area where it rests, will be more noticeable against the fabric. Likewise, dirt also tends to be more noticeable on light colors.

Tastes of the dog

Finally, You also have to take into account the tastes of your dog so that the product likes it and leave him no more abandoned than a pear pie in an apple pie contest. To do this, look at what preferences he has in the blankets he has used so far, and if it is the first time, where he tends to put more: on the sofa blanket, on the sheets, on the floor...

where to buy dog ​​blankets

Soft blankets are very comfortable

There are millions of sites where you can buy dog ​​blankets, since they are a very useful product, and almost a must for anyone who has a pet (in fact, you can even use human blankets). Here are a few:

  • En AmazonWithout a doubt, you will find a great variety of blankets of all kinds (refreshing, plush, fur, large, thermal...). On top of that, they have very good prices and, if you have their Prime option, you'll have your blanket at home in no time.
  • On the other hand, this product can also be found very easily in pet shops such as Kiwoko or TiendaAnimal. The good thing about these stores is that they have physical versions, so it is possible to go check if that blanket that we have seen on the internet is as soft as it seems.
  • Finally, in department store like El Corte Inglés you can also find blankets, although there is not as much variety as in other places. However, they tend to be of high quality and with very nice designs, so if you are thinking of giving a gift, they are highly recommended places.

We hope you liked this article about dog blankets and made life easier when choosing one for your dog. Tell us, is there a particular type of blanket you are looking for? Do you think we have missed any? Which do you think is your dog's favourite?

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