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Dogs' teeth have to be cleaned at least three times a week

Dog toothbrushes are one of the ways to keep our pet's dental hygiene up to date. Dog toothbrushes come in many different forms, so it can be a bit difficult to decide on one, especially if it is the first time you have bought this product.

For this reason, today we have prepared an article with the best toothbrushes for dogs that you can find on Amazon, but we will also talk about other equally interesting topics related to the dental hygiene of doggies, for example, the different brushes available on the market and how to use them. And if you want to delve into this topic, we recommend that you take a look at this other article on your dog's dental cleaning.

The best toothbrush for dogs

Canine dental hygiene pack

This complete pack is one of the best sellers and best valued on Amazon, and it is not for less, since it is very completeIncludes two finger brushes (one regular toothbrush and one massager), one brush with two heads (one small and one large), and a bottle of mint-flavored toothpaste. Although it works for most dogs, some comments point out that the finger tips are too big for small breeds. Also, keep in mind that some dogs don't like mint, so another toothpaste may be better in those cases.

Silicone finger brushes

If you are one of those who prefer toothbrushes to handle with your finger, this product with five silicone pieces is very comfortable. In addition to being able to choose the color (green, white, blue, pink or varied), each head is covered in silicone to be able to remove all the crap that accumulates between the teeth. In addition, you can use it with all kinds of toothpaste and it comes with practical cases to store them.

Mini dog toothbrushes

This is undoubtedly the smallest brush you will find on the market: in fact it is so tiny that some comments say that it is not good for their dogs (it is recommended for breeds of less than 2,5 kilos). It has an ergonomic handle for use with the thumb and forefinger and a head with four groups of bristles. In addition, you can choose between a brush with the normal head and another with the double head, which reaches more places at once, for the same price.

Great dog toothbrushes

The same Japanese brand Mind Up, specialized in canine oral hygiene, has this other model designed for medium and large dogs, with a larger head and more bristles. In addition, it has a very large handle with a hole so you can move it as you please, in addition to a sober and functional design, perfect for those who want to combine beauty and cleanliness.

360 degree brush to reach the entire mouth

Another dental kit with your toothpaste (also flavored and scented with mint, as well as being enriched with vitamin C) and a brush with three heads that performs a 360-degree cleaning, since each head covers a part of the tooth (the sides and the top), to be able to carry out the cleaning in a much more comfortable and efficient way. The handle is also ergonomic, designed to achieve a good grip.

12 fabric brushes

And for those dogs with more difficulties to adapt to the routine of brushing their teeth, it is highly recommended to use a piece of cloth to start getting them used to it., or toothbrushes like these, which consist of a fabric cover for the finger. This way you can comfortably brush your dog's mouth and leave it clean of tartar and plaque. Twelve one-size-fits-all pieces come in each package, as they fit most fingers. You can also clean and reuse them.

Double head toothbrush

To finish this article on toothbrushes for dogs, a product that consists of a brush with an ergonomic handle with a double head: one bigger and one smaller. With an unbeatable price (around €2), this brush is ideal for those who have two pets of different sizes and want a single brush for both of them. However, due to its shape it can be somewhat complicated to handle, especially in pets that get nervous.

Why is it good to brush your dog's teeth?

A good headrest is necessary for larger dogs

like humans, dogs tend to suffer from diseases related to teeth if proper hygiene is not followed of these, so it is vital to brush them. Among the most common dental diseases we find the accumulation of plaque, which over time can lead to the loss of teeth, something, as you can imagine, very painful.

How often do you have to brush your teeth?

Although it is best to talk about it first with your trusted veterinarian, The most recommended thing is to brush your teeth more or less a couple of times a day.. In any case, and at a minimum, it is necessary to brush them at least three times a week.

Types of toothbrushes for dogs

Dogs have to have clean teeth to avoid dental diseases

Athough it does not seems, there are quite a few types of dog brushes. Using one or the other can be indicated according to the needs of your dog. Among the most common we find:

normal brushes

They are the ones that are most similar to human brushes, although the bristles are much softer (In fact, if you want to use a human toothbrush, it's only recommended that you use a baby toothbrush so you don't damage your pet's teeth.) Within this category you can also find more specific brushes, such as triple head brushes.

silicone brushes

Actually, more than brushes, they consist of a silicone cover for the finger with spikes of the same material. By going through our pet's teeth with it, we will eliminate the remains of food and plaque that have been accumulating on the teeth.

cloth toothbrushes

Finally, The softest brushes, and the ideal ones to start brushing your dog's teeth, are these fabric ones.. They also consist of a cover that you must put on your finger and with which you can clean your pet's mouth.

How to brush your dog's teeth

There are dog brushes of all kinds, more or less similar to humans

Like everything, it is better to get your dog used to proper hygiene from a young age, so that the brushing process is not uncomfortable and difficult for you. In any case, there are a series of recommendations that you can follow to get your dog used to the brushing process no matter how old he is:

  • First of all, choose a moment in which you are both calm to brush him.
  • Choose one position that is comfortable for you. If the dog is small, put it in your lap, if it is rather large, sit on a chair behind it.
  • The first few times use a piece of cloth, not a brush, to get him used to the feeling of brushing.
  • show him the dough that you are going to use (remember that you cannot use toothpaste for humans, since it is not intended to be swallowed) so that it does not catch him by surprise and does not scare him.
  • Mimics the movement of brushing with the fabric by the surface of the teeth. If it gets too nervous, stop the process and try again later.
  • Once he has got used to brushing his teeth with a cloth, you can use a normal brush.

Is there a way to brush my teeth without a brush?

You are right, there are several ways, although the ideal is to use a brush to remove more dirt. However, they can be very useful as reinforcement:

  • A piece of cloth can be used as a toothbrush. Being softer, it is ideal for those doggies who are especially bothered by a more conventional brush.
  • There are Marshmallow that also act as a dental cleaner, since due to their shape and texture they eliminate dental plaque.
  • Finally, the toys They can also act as a brush. Look for those that advertise themselves as such, as not everyone acts like this.

Where to buy dog ​​toothbrushes

A dog trying toothpaste

Dog toothbrushes are quite a specific product and therefore quite difficult to find in conventional places like supermarkets. Thus, the places where you will find these products are:

  • Amazon, where there are all kinds of toothbrushes for your dog (normal, silicone, cloth...). In addition to being the place where you will undoubtedly find a greater variety of brushes, with its Prime function, when you buy them they will arrive at your home in a very short time.
  • You can also find this product at specialized stores such as TiendaAnimal or Kiwoko, places specialized in products for pets and where you will find a somewhat fairer variety, but very well chosen.
  • Finally, in the veterinarians You can also find this type of hygienic products. Although they do not stand out for having a great variety, it is undoubtedly the best place to receive good advice from a professional.

Dog toothbrushes are an almost obligatory product to keep good hygiene of our pet's teeth up to date, right? Tell us, what kind of brush do you use? How often do you brush your dog's teeth? Do you recommend any tricks when it comes to brushing them?

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