What is the best dog food?

What is the best dog food?

Our dogs have become one more member of our families, which is why we now care much more about offering them adequate food, which is adjusted to their needs, and which includes all the nutrients they require.

But Have you ever wondered what is the best dog food? Is it the landlady? Do you feed them? Perhaps the Barf diet? If you also want to give your pet the best, we are going to take a look at the good and bad of each food so you can compare and draw your own conclusions.

Dog food, what are there?

feed the dogs

If you search any online pet store or supermarket for the words “dog food”, you will come across multitude of brands and products. Not only feed, but also wet, dehydrated foods...

So, how do you know if what you are going to give your furry is the best? In this case, the best option will always be to know the alternatives that exist in the market and see the advantages and disadvantages of each of them in order to determine the one that best suits you.

leftovers from home

I guess it's something we've all done at some point. We finish eating, we have food left over and we know that our dog likes it, so we give it to him.

It may be that be one of those who believes that home cooking is better. But is it really a good option?

If we analyze a little, there is no doubt that it has a great benefit and that is that you know what your dog eats. That is, you know that you are not giving him substitutes, or ashes, or chemical substances that can harm his health in the long run.

But being more demanding, Do you know if you are really giving him a complete and balanced diet? Are you covering all his nutritional needs? prepare a comprehensive diet according to their weight, level of physical activity and age, ensuring that nothing is missing?

Most likely not, either due to ignorance or lack of time, and it is that with this type of diet, although you know what it contains, you have the problem that nutritional deficits can be caused.


Feed has been an option for feeding our dogs for many years. But, as time goes on, more and more people are wondering if this is the best option, dismissing it as a processed, dry and bland food. Also, there are many dogs who do not like it.

Over time, other much healthier alternatives have been proposed, with more flavor and adapted to the nature and physiology of the dog. However, it is true that the feed is a very comfortable food for humans, since you only have to buy a bag and serve.

Feed also contains unreliable products that we cannot control, such as by-products, additives, preservatives and chemicals, which cast doubt on the transparency of the ingredients.

This is the main reason why many people choose to say no to feed. .

Dehydrated food

dog eating a bone

You may know it more as dry food. Consists in food that "dries" allowing it to be easily stored, not dirty and also much cheaper versus other options.

However, it presents several problems, and the main one is dehydration itself. The dog's digestive system is prepared to eat with a minimum of 70% humidity. Yes, besides, your dog is not one of those who drink a lot of water, by providing a "dry" diet, we will be favoring the dehydration of our furry.

In addition, once again, the label must be carefully reviewed to make sure that the nutrients provided are of quality and are adapted to your needs.

Barf diet

dog feeding

The Barf diet consists of provide raw food to our dog, just as they would eat it in their "wild" habitat. Thus, among the foods that make up this diet, would be meat, fish, organ meats, vegetables...

The main advantages you can find are, without a doubt, the know at all times what your dog is going to eat, as well as the quality of all the ingredients used, which are fresh and do not contain preservatives, additives or chemicals.

Now, we are talking about a diet where food is not cooked, but eaten raw, which causes a certain bacteriological risk to exist inherently.

cooked natural food

Finally, we have the option of offering our furry a natural cooked diet.

This is also made up of 100% natural and fresh ingredients, such as meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, but with the difference that these are subjected to controlled cooking processes to avoid bacteriological risk. In addition, it is a type of food that is much more appetizing for our furry.

There are cooked natural food companies like Dogfy Diet, which they make personalized menus for each dog according to its characteristics (breed, age, weight, activity level...) to adapt 100% to its nutritional needs and thus guarantee a complete and balanced diet.

The benefits of this type of diet are many, since it allows us to offer our furry a healthy diet, adapted and personalized to each stage of our dog's life.

This diet is first offered for a trial period of 14 days, so that your pet can try it and at the same time transition to the new food. Plus, when it arrives frozen, all you have to do is take it out, heat it up, and serve it.

In other words, it will be just as comfortable as giving him feed, but knowing that what you are feeding him is something of quality.

So what is the best dog food?

The answer is not easy, since everything will depend on your needs and those of your furry friend. But there is no doubt that a personalized menu adjusted to your needs, like the one offered by home cooked dog food, is much better than other options. Imagine that you had to choose for yourself among all these options, wouldn't you choose the same option?

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