How to treat canine coprophagia

Enter to learn how to treat canine coprophagia, a very common behavior disorder in dogs. Find out how to prevent your dog from eating feces.

Dog lying on the ground.

How to prevent canine filariasis

Canine filariasis or heartworm is a serious disease. We can prevent it by avoiding certain areas and with the use of special products.

Fangs of a labrador.

Braces for dogs, how do they work?

Although rare, canine orthodontics is essential to correct problems such as malocclusion. We explain what the treatment with braces consists of.

Dog at the vet.

Main symptoms of canine parvovirus

Canine parvovirus or parvovirus causes serious symptoms, such as high fever or cardiovascular problems. It can be deadly if we don't act quickly.

Toxic plants, lilac

Plants toxic to dogs

Our dogs like to explore the world, and one way they do it is by chewing on things and ...

Food intolerances in dogs

Food intolerance in dogs

Food intolerance in dogs is a problem that affects the digestive system, and must be recognized by its symptoms, such as diarrhea or vomiting.

Distemper in dogs

Symptoms of distemper in dogs

Distemper is a disease that mainly affects the respiratory system of dogs. There are certain symptoms that can be recognized to stop it.

Care in flat dogs

Care in flat dogs

Special care must be taken with flat dogs. Especially in times of heat.

Golden Retriever with a hot water bottle on his head.

Cold symptoms in dogs

The symptoms of a cold in dogs are very similar to those suffered by people: coughing, sneezing, sore throat and fever are some of them.

Heart murmur

Heart murmur in dogs

The heart murmur in the dog is a problem that cannot always be treated. Discover all its details.

Tuberculosis in dogs

Our dogs can get tuberculosis, we will talk about how to avoid this disease and the consequences it can bring.

Dog with glaucoma in one eye

Eye diseases in dogs: Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a serious disease that affects the sight of dogs and can even cause total blindness if it is not diagnosed and treated in time.

Diseases in the dog's cornea

Corneal diseases in dogs

The cornea is a very fragile part of the dog's eye that is exposed to numerous conditions and diseases, whose recovery will depend to a greater degree on its detection in time to be able to provide successful treatment.

Alterations in the eyelids of dogs

Alterations in the eyelids of dogs

The eyes of dogs can suffer from a wide variety of diseases and problems, highlighting alterations in the dog's eyelids, such as ectropion and entropion.

Why do dogs drag their tails on the ground?

The behavior of dogs dragging their tails on the ground is not due to intestinal worms, but to a problem in their perinal glands that, if not treated in time, could lead to ulcers.

How to heal your wounds

It may happen that on different occasions our pet is injured and a wound is caused that we must heal.

If stung by a wasp

If your dog is bitten by a wasp or a bee, it can cause a serious allergic reaction

Cataracts in dogs

In the case of dogs, they have a vision that can be considered as primitive and they can have the same and even more problems than we do.

My dog's skin

Most dogs have their fur covered with hair, this means that we should check them periodically

Dog ears

One of the most frequent consultations that veterinarians receive is related to the care of their ears and their possible diseases